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  1. Xrunner063
    Rim 20x9 front 20x11 back with Xii performance drop kit any offset I can go.
  2. Xrunner063
  3. PiNkY
    Bringing my xr back to life!
  4. devan08
    nope, fenders and flares are the same
  5. jdxrunner
    jdxrunner devan08
    did u change your side fenders
  6. devan08
    i bought most of the big stuff from the dealer and the rest on amazon/ebay (lights, foglights and housings) & rubber moldings toyotaonline
  7. jdxrunner
    jdxrunner devan08
    hey what's up where did you buy the parts for the front end conversion
  8. panchito
  9. 671PinoyDee
    671PinoyDee TitanRattler813
    Ok I got a quote it's not too expensive so I'll go ahead and sale it to you..... can u PayPal me the payment of $200 my email for that is And once I receive the payment I'll go ahead and bring it back to fed ex and send it to you can u please give me your complete mailing address and name. Thanks man
  10. grantman55
    slow runner
  11. Xrunner Drifter
    Xrunner Drifter TheAngeryGinger
    Hey bro
    I need your help about so spring I bought off of you 2 years ago. lol I forgot what kind of springs are they?
    I want to say they are XII black powder coated?
    But were they stock height or dropped?
    I'm getting ready to do my drop finally and I forgot why did I buy them? Lol
    Thanks for any help.
  12. Benjamin
    I've got a super charger y PIPES headers and wheels for sale message me for info selling for very reasonable prices!
    1. Benjamin
      Really want to get the new truck so message me and make a offer! 2006 xrunner but the parts will work for up to 2015
      Jul 8, 2017
  13. Benjamin
    Trading my x runner in selling all my parts
  14. Ghost05X
    Ghost05X Coupe
    I too am wondering if you still are selling shift knobs? I am very interested. Thanks!
  15. Aquabear
    Have a new 2016 4Runner and look forward to doing some performance mods.
  16. grantman55
    urd malf cal urd site is to confusing help anyone
  17. goliastivin
  18. fizostivin
  19. grantman55
    check engine light on after headers
    1. grantman55
      help ?
      Jun 28, 2017
  20. na-mr2
    na-mr2 Yotaxrunner10
    Hey you have a stock blue grill?
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