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  1. Cowboy Colonel
    Cowboy Colonel
    Searching for and looking for information and advice on suspension upgrades.
  2. Cowboy Colonel
    Cowboy Colonel
    Hello all! I am new to XRU forum. I have a 2009 Xrunner and I am looking forward to learning and getting advice on some advice on upgrades.
  3. WalloJericho
    Anybody out there know if there's custom polyurethane ground effects for our trucks??
  4. PresidentDonaldTrump
    PresidentDonaldTrump revobreaker
    -Because of the changes to Photobucket, if you are looking for my pics PM me a link to the thread and tell me what you are looking for.-
    I have a T56 and my tob went out. Could you send me a picture of what I need to replace it. I think I need a spacer to go with the new throwout bearing.
  5. Tan Nguyen
    Tan Nguyen Billy182
    Hey whats up brother think I seen your car around in NJ not sure also seen you might be selling it if you are I would gladly buy the whole setup you have on it lol
  6. R1 Chris
    R1 Chris Darkside-X
    Yes. I will take them how do you want payment? My #845 590 7782 . I’m not on the forum that much so you can text me
  7. R1 Chris
    R1 Chris Darkside-X
    Hey do you still have the xll springs and the front and rear sway bars Cause I’ll take them
  8. Darkside-X
    Darkside-X NHXRUNNER
    Whats you're zip for shipping quote?
  9. Lpmacb
    will the QA-1 shocKS lower my truck wanna,stay stock height. rears nred to be replaced
  10. Lpmacb
    need to replace shocks, but want to keep a stock height are the QA-1's good and if so how about the front
  11. Lpmacb
    need to replace shocks going bad want to keep stock height will the QA-1's in the rear work and if so any suggestions for the front
  12. Lpmacb
    New to this site previously a nissan guy. hoping you all can help guide me in the right direction to getting my stock truck up to par
  13. marcos
    marcos stretch200
    Can we hear a clip of your exhaust?
  14. nick_gz1
    nick_gz1 easts1d3
    you mind calling me, i'm trying to install the tailgate but not sure what to do with the rivet gun? 951-961-5136 Nick
  15. 06redtaco
    06redtaco dj_lucas840
    I’m from Wichita ks I’m new to the forum just trying catch on to everything now
    1. dj_lucas840
      Hey what's up man, I know of 2 xrs still in wichita, I'm up in hutch mine currently on Jack stands still
      Oct 13, 2017
  16. dj_lucas840
    Wow!Haven't been on here in years, got a new phone and it said Google had my info, so figured that was a sign to get back on!!!
  17. Xrunner063
    Wheels&tire 20x9 front &20x11 back xii drop kit Any recommend wheel offset and tire size?
  18. Xrunner063
    Rim 20x9 front 20x11 back with Xii performance drop kit any offset I can go.
  19. Xrunner063
  20. PiNkY
    Bringing my xr back to life!
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