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  1. 05H0TWHEELS
    05H0TWHEELS flipboikev
    what is the cost of the bracket and what other parts do i need?
  2. Lucifer29
    Thanks bud, its got 6 o
  3. Cal Frez
    Cal Frez
    Might need help finding parts or otherwise fixing her up. XRU is the subject matter expert, so expect a lot of question! ;0)
  4. Cal Frez
    Cal Frez
    Super excited to be a new X-Runner owner! Bought a 2010 in "road-hard and hung out to dry" condition and am happy to rejuvenate the old girl
  5. Xrunner063
    Anyone using spin tech exhaust?
  6. Xrunner063
  7. PHI2LLS
    My lazy ass finally put pics up on a post
  8. Novatec
    Anyone know where I can get the xrunner spoiler it's look like a little wing not sure what the proper name for it is
  9. Alter_Ego_808
    Alter_Ego_808 Coupe
    Hi I noticed that you once were selling XR Shift knobs.

    I'm sorry if you already answered this but do you have any shift knobs still available? If not, I appreciate your time.

  10. LAzevedo
    LAzevedo Torspd
    Hey. So I'm doing a T56 swap and planning to use the URD Stage 3 Clutch. Do you know what is have to do to make this work?
    1. Torspd
      That'd be it, as long as you received the entire kit from URD.
      Mar 15, 2017
  11. crispy84
    crispy84 Gadget
    Hey Gadget, is URD planning on making a short shifter for the 2017's?
    new addition to the family 2001 IS300
  13. LAzevedo
    LAzevedo kwigs160966
    I'm looking to do an Ls2 swap.. My 1gr took a dump. You willing to share some information? Any help/advice would be awesome.
  14. Brendanx
    WTB: Trd spoiler.
    1. Novatec
      Thanks do you know anyone that's selling one or where I can I get one cause I heard they don't make them anymore
      Mar 7, 2017
  15. Maui
    Recently Bought a 08 X Runner, 67xxx mi. with light engine mods such as TRD intake/exhaust. Came with tint, 22in rims, amp & sub, tonneau
    1. Maui
      I would like some help in ideas of the next step of modifications to my truck for a little more horse power.. is the TRD intake/exhaust the right route for speed? Should a stage 2 clutch & smaller tires be my next step?
      Jan 16, 2017
  16. xrgilly
    No I didn't I'm probably going to wait till something comes up local
  17. Gators Taco
    Gators Taco xrgilly
    Hey, did you get the X-Runner in Winnipeg
  18. Gators Taco
    Gators Taco xrgilly
    Happy New Year. Did you check the X-Runner in Winnipeg. 2014 with engine with air pump. Expensive to fix. We have a Tundra at work and the pump failed and cost over 1500.00 to fix. Why did Toyota did such a stupid thing.
    1. xrgilly
      Ya my trd sport has the air pump I haven't had any issues plus my father in law works for toyota
      Jan 7, 2017
    2. xrgilly
      Good emissions
      Jan 7, 2017
  19. Gators Taco
    Gators Taco Gadget
    Hey Gadget, Happy new year. What can you tell me about the air pump that Toyota added the engine in 2012 to 2014. I read that they are costly to repair. The older Tundra at work had issues and it was expensive to repair. Any way to get around it? thank you Gator
  20. dramad1
    Still around. Lurking
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