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  1. Jx13
    9500 OBO05XRUNNER 136kNewframe125kURDshifterLED OEtaillights5W30 Mobil1 Syn 4k TransRedlineMT90 F 8x19 245/40R19 Generals R 8.5x19 265/35R19
  2. PiNkY
    PiNkY Xrunner Drifter
    Hey are you still in the san antonio area?
  3. gbxrunner
    Enjoying the XRunner with the 2JZ swap.
  4. Waasheem
    Waasheem Coupe
    It says Coupe was last seen Jul 7, 2017.
  5. Waasheem
    Waasheem Coupe
    I'm wondering if you have a modified shifter available, 9.5" should suit my needs I'm guessing. I bought my 07 xr a few months ago and notice some extreme slop in the shifter. I'll also want a urd short shifter I can buy from you if you have one, or I'll order it from urd. I'm understanding the need for a core charge, even with the best intent, people forget or are unmotivated without it.
  6. Liftedtruckloweredcar
    Liftedtruckloweredcar Gadget
    Aloha gadget I hope my two new posts help clarity it was the postal service that was at fault for my missing parts not urd. I only posted to try to help byeeeeeran seeing how he is probly in a similar situation
  7. XRabbitX
    P0012. Got this CEL and been driving my xR for 3 days now. Can someone tell/show me the location of variable valve timing solenoid?
  8. gbxrunner
    2JZ Swap on my XRunner
  9. Liftedtruckloweredcar
    Liftedtruckloweredcar Coupe
    Aloha I’m wondering if you still offer your modified shifter. It sounds like just the thing for me and I have a lot going on so I might be better off paying you to do this for me. Thanks ahead of time.
  10. Superloki24
    Yeah man, no more Facebook for me.
    1. Hawaiis Ribbon X likes this.
    2. Hawaiis Ribbon X
      Hawaiis Ribbon X
      Dang, that was how i could check up on what you been up to in regards to the truck LOL
      Aug 28, 2019
    3. Gators Taco
      Gators Taco
      I could not stay away anymore. Found an X-Runner 2014 with 22360 km. Now I have to get all the goodies I had on my 07
      Aug 30, 2019
      Superloki24 likes this.
  11. Hawaiis Ribbon X
    Hawaiis Ribbon X Superloki24
    Yoooo Brad!? Did you delete your facebook brotha?
  12. Waasheem
    I picked up a blue xr last week, needing a truck, did no research, suprised how good it handles, and makes pretty decent power unboosted.
  13. Paul
    Hello. I am in the West Coast California. Does anybody knows of there is a show or a fest for Xrunner Owners.
  14. Yeloxrunner
    Yeloxrunner K2
    Hey there, I saw you had the x runner logo in a vector format. Please PM me
  15. Jamea
    I made a new shifter.
  16. mikorockhard
    mikorockhard Jonathan Paz
    Its OEM exhaust
  17. Jonathan Paz
    Jonathan Paz
    San Diego 05’ x runner
  18. Jonathan Paz
    Jonathan Paz
    Short tube or long tube headers?
  19. JPAYNE722
    JPAYNE722 mejbro
    Just know the right people lol
    1. mejbro
      Lucky you!
      Feb 24, 2019
  20. JPAYNE722
    JPAYNE722 mejbro
    Got anything else forsale? I’m also in va but already have everything urd lol
    1. mejbro
      Nah, besides everything stock that I've removed. How do you pass inspection? Do you put everything back to stock?
      Feb 23, 2019
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