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Nov 8, 2018
    1. @omgredx
      a lot of us are wondering about those sway bars. whats the update on that ? your profile shows that you signed on 39 minutes ago so i know you are reading everyones comments.
    2. XrunnerrRTR
      Can you email me
    3. Jon
      I’m on the list. Can you email me. I check that a lot more then this forum.
      I can send you my information on there
    4. Jon
      Do you have these sway bars on your truck ? Is the rear sway bar adjustable ?
    5. SlowcomaX
      Michael dunaway (slowcomax)
      7908 Cavanaugh way
      Powell Tn

      My payment will be on the 30th as I get paid once a month unless your Excepting partial payments. I didn’t account for shipping so I won’t have the entire payment till the 30th payday
      1. SlowcomaX
        Mar 14, 2018
    6. captainkimhawk
      I'm on the list for sway bars my address
      4921 trojan #1
      San diego ,ca 92115
      Did u get front qa1 coil over yet?
      1. BondXII likes this.
      2. BondXII
        Got it. Thanks. Coilovers will be coming back out after this group buy is through and we have our drop coils back in stock.
        Mar 14, 2018
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    Born out of Philly, moved to Small Wonder, joined
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