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    1. Liftedtruckloweredcar
      Aloha gadget I hope my two new posts help clarity it was the postal service that was at fault for my missing parts not urd. I only posted to try to help byeeeeeran seeing how he is probly in a similar situation
    2. Shaun
      I need a diagram of how to put on the double belts having trouble finding it
    3. lingenfelterm
      Hey Gadget, I saw on an old post (2006) where you were talking about two of your exhaust valves being out of spec on one of the other Toyota forums. Did you ever replace the buckets for those, or did you leave it be?
    4. na-mr2
      Hello Gadget. I've posted my first post about going back to stock. I bought a truck with most parts URD and having issues with the cel. It has a cold air intake, maf calibrator, long tube headers, cat back exhaust, O2 stimulator. Im no mechanic but would like to get it to pass emissions and have no cel light. Located in central Jersey Any thoughts?
    5. crispy84
      Hey Gadget, is URD planning on making a short shifter for the 2017's?
    6. Gators Taco
      Gators Taco
      Hey Gadget, Happy new year. What can you tell me about the air pump that Toyota added the engine in 2012 to 2014. I read that they are costly to repair. The older Tundra at work had issues and it was expensive to repair. Any way to get around it? thank you Gator
    7. mun77dlux47
      hey gadget seems like ur the man to talk to around here so if u dont mind i was just wondering if u know any one in australia running the UCON system on the 1gr...because there is not alot for the 1grs in au
    8. Alexrunner
      thanks againg for the pipe bomb! It rocks!
    9. NonStopTuning
    10. racerx
      Hey Gadget, I want to get the URD TCAI and or the URD SC and i was wondering if you knew if the SC would be CARB approved anytime soon??? because thats they only thing stopping me from getting
    11. 06alaswb
      hey gagdet i sent my info to ur email at urdusa... Did u get it?
    12. drewXrunner
      gadget. i have a leak in my supercharger radiator can you get a new one for me?? i would have someone fix it but everyone is trying to charge an arm and leg. Thanks!!
    13. LEFTY'Z SWB
      Hey Gadget. I have a question about the MAF Calibrator. Now I live in California where smog is a big issue. now when it comes time to smog and I put my stock parts back on, do I have to re tune the calibrator back to stock? I have installed it already and waiting to find someone to tune it. but when I get it tuned, I will have to re tune for stock application?
    14. LEFTY'Z SWB
      Hey Gadget,
      Thanx for replying. Am very Interested in this product, but need to save up a lil cash. What were you looking to get for it? also, if I did get from you, could I pick it up from Doug Thorley? I'm pertty close to them. thats how I got my Long tubes. Also, I belive you guys opened a store close to Irvine, Ca. do you think anybody there would be able to help me with tunning my MAF Cal. I cannot find anybody around here in So. Cal Familiar with the program. Called all kinds of Dyno and performance shops with no luck. And I don't really understand the Directions to do it myself.

      Thanx again for the reply!!!:top:
    15. Gadget
      Call me at 877-887-3872 and I will explain it all to you.
    16. MERS/runner08
      hey gadget im a new custumer of urd i just buy the tcai and do i realy need the calibrator i dont understand what it give more can you explain to me thanks
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