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    1. Grumpy
      PPG automotive paint, a custom mix of F430 Scuderia wheel color.
    2. Mr.X
      what did u use to paint ur rims???
    3. DrEaM MaKeR
    4. Grumpy
      That's what most people do, tint until desire shade is achieved and then clear over it. Only problem with that is it doesn't stay looking good very long.
      I went a different route. I use automotive grade paint (PPG) when I tint the tail lights. Although its more expensive but the result speak for itself. Long term durability and gloss holdout is much better then what spray bomb can achieve. Just ask morcheez about nite shade vs. the tint job I did.

    5. Xtacy
      hey man, i heard you do some awesome looking tinted tail lights(morcheez) i was thinking of spraying it with the nite shades and finishing with the clear that basically it? or do you know of any other tips?...thanks
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    April 16
    . . . at the apex
    a hustler
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