Bad experience with High velocity motorsports

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Discussions' started by sweetwilliebrownjr, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Spyder327

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    Jan 14, 2007
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    Well, that clarifies it a bit; i was mainly trying to figure out (if when you sold me a scangauge for example) you were trying to say that was from you, but this X-1 wasn't, as that would clearly being confusing for people to grasp.

    ^^Really? so you provided him with the old owner contact info (working or not), the new owner info, etc?

    I promise i'm well aware of how businesses operate. An LLC is not the same as a corporation on paper. HVM isn't just HVM, it's the person who's filed on that LLC paperwork with the state, and unless he has dissolved that LLC, he may be liable still for what he's done. The LLC public records is the best place to start to handle it legally.

    You shouldn't post it on the web; but you should be providing it to the customer.

    Example: you're that cashier, you don't tell the customer "sorry, the old manager left and the new one has nothing to do with your sale so i can't put you in contact with him". If the new manager "takes over" in any fashion, these are the issues he's obligating himself to deal with (Deal with not necessarily meaning he has to refund money, etc).

    He wanted it to just be a piece of cake to take it over? It's not an attack on him, but it doesn't mean either owner should get to just deal with it when they're ready. That's the part that's bullshit from what i've read here.
  2. 07SWB

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    Feb 14, 2007
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    I also ordered an x1 from hvm for a customer of mine. After waiting 3 months I started calling doug nearly every day. I know he loves to hear my voice so I wasn't worried about annyoing him.

    I called APR 4 times in 2 months and got the same reply each tine... "we are waiting on software it will be here later this week". Obviously APR has jerked a lot of people around and noone is happy about it.

    I'm 100% sure if doug was at fault for this the money would have been refunded long ago.

    The old owner of hvm took me for $900 when we did some work together so I can't say that I'm suprised.

    And no donny, I will not be giving anyone a hummer to make things right lol d!ck
  3. Coupe

    Coupe Active Member

    Dec 31, 2007
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    I have been on this forum for a couple of years. Thinking back over those years, I would be hard pressed to distinguish HVM business from Doug's personal transactions.

    Discounting the part out of your truck
    , some that come to mind.

    1. Black Carpet Group buy
    2. Carbon fiber X-Runner emblems.
    3. Triple gauge single din radio mount.
    4. Radiator & fuse box carbon fiber overlays.
    5. HID retrofit kits.

    I know there were others, I just do not recall.

    Since you have been the voice of HVM on this site, you take on some of HVM's responsibilities. Maybe not legally, but morally.

    For example, if you had not been a credible person taking part on this web site, I probably would not have entered into any transactions with you (HVM). Your presence on the forum leads creditability to HVM. Without you or some one like you, HVM would not make any sales on this site.

    I fully understand the cloak that corporations can give individuals, I believe most people on this web site were under the impression that they were dealing with you and not a LLC. Most of us, would expect you to find a solution to this problem. It might not be a great solution and it would probably be a compromise, but it would be a start.
  4. 5H4D0WD347H

    5H4D0WD347H New Member

    Apr 24, 2007
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    Will brown has always been able to talk to me, ive never blown him off - more then happy to provide him with information. The corporation information is publicly accessible to any of his lawyers.

    A new business owner walking into the premises starting his own corporation has absolutely no obligation or liability in regards to this.

    There is a lot being discussed in private in regards to the actions that new company will take. I am going to see what they will do for him but if they choose not to want to deal with it, they have no obligation to do so.

    This is a topic of discussion that I have raised with them, I hope they will make things right.

    Your scangauge was handled directly by me if I recall because I chose to hook you up on it.

    If you paid me via paypal it was a personal transaction, if you paid HVM it was a corporate product.

    I am trying to get the new company to help out mr will brown but i cant make any promises on their behalf.

    I did my own very limited personal projects and HVM paid for vendor status and sold products.

    The only personal endeavors I did on here were the gauge pods, & sales of parts that I owned personally.

    1. Black Carpet Group buy - A HVM backed product
    2. Carbon fiber X-Runner emblems. - A HVM product
    3. Triple gauge single din radio mount. - I did these myself in limited quantity and advertised it as such
    4. Radiator & fuse box carbon fiber overlays. - A HVM product
    5. HID retrofit kits. - A HVM product.

    I totally understand what you are saying coupe, and If I had known that this was going to happen I wouldn't of even been involved; hindsight is 20/20 indeed I am doing what I can.

    HVM did do a lot of business on here, and almost everyone got what they paid for - up until the last transactions there have been no problems.

    I am done with the repetitive nature of this thread, I feel like a parrot defending my own person over someone elses wrong doing.

    I am going to see what the new company will do for will brown, and hopefully they will help the guy out.

    Will Brown knows he can speak to me any time.
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  5. sweetwilliebrownjr

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    May 19, 2009
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    Yeah, I'm with Doug. We should shut this thread's going nowhere. It was just posted to let folks know.
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