clutch rod and spring

Discussion in 'Stock Performance/Mechanical' started by Izhr818, Feb 12, 2021.

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    my issue(S): one day i noticed that when i start my truck in the morning, the clutch doesn't pop back up when pressed, it just stayed down and i literally had to pull it up with my foot every time i shifted gears for it to come back up.
    and then i when I'm on the freeway, when the car is warmed up and had been running for 15-20 minutes on the freeway, the clutch would become normal again.
    its so F'n frustrating!

    MY TRUCK - 2009 X RUNNER with TRD S/C, short shift, and other external mods, and only has 40,000 on it!!!!!!!!

    I had my truck looked at yesterday by a family owned car shop who seems to be very honest and straight to the point.
    he went and looked under the clutch and saw that the ROD that pushes the clutch back up when pressed is not in place (on the clutch side).
    he said the part that holds/ secures it to the clutch has come off or broken and also he said I am missing the spring.

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