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By o0opackersfano0o on Apr 5, 2018 at 2:37 PM
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    just wanted to start a post to see how many people are on xru. The site is not as active as it use to be and we need to get it going. Please post if your on here once a day or every other day and what you have. I no there’s tons of trucks on here but a lot have sold. Post a pic of ur truck and where your from. And mods if you want. And let’s make xru great again!!
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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Discussions' started by o0opackersfano0o, Apr 5, 2018.

    1. XMPLRY808
      FA258C99-A494-4290-B687-8417612CA8A2.jpeg E16F0EFE-493B-4B8C-A2A4-F7F6EC9E4A74.jpeg Brian from Honolulu Hawaii
      I come on maybe every other day


      -Doug thorely long tube headers

      -URD dual O2 simulator

      -Dual 2.5 QTP cut outs

      -Rads true dual piping

      -TRD supercharger

      -K&N cold air intake

      -URD 2.7 supercharger pulley

      -URD fuel pump/Aeromotive 340 upgrade

      -URD extension harness

      -URD maf calibrator w/map sensor

      -URD 170 thermostat

      -URD speed unlimiter

      -Cusco oil catch can

      -URD fuel rail tap

      -FPR mod

      -COUPE oil pan spacer w/baffle

      -NX wet nitrous kit 50 shot

      -NX 10 lb bottle

      -NX purge kit

      -ZEX rapid fire module

      -Greddy oil filter adapter/external oil cooler

      -HKS big 3 wire upgrade


      -B&M short shifter

      -TRD shift knob

      -Detroit tru trac lsd

      -Competition Clutch stage 4/6 puck clutch kit

      -Competition Clutch lighten flywheel

      -URD throw out bearing/sleeve kit


      -Djm front A arms

      -Djm welded in frame notch

      -4" Custom Taco drop blocks

      -Air Lift air bags

      -Air compressor


      -HRE wheels 540 step lip

      Front 20x10 245/40/20

      Rear 20x11 285/35/20


      -Performance Brake Unlimited bbk

      -4 piston Tundra calipers

      -360mm ISF drilled brembo rotors

      -Stop tech stainless steel brake hoses

      -Brembo brake pads


      -35% ceramic front window tint

      -Hood spacers 1"

      -Cut front grill

      -Cut hood scoop

      -Strictly Street RACE spec spoiler


      -Lotek dual gauge pillar pods

      -Ultra gauge Mx 1.3

      -JunctionProduce pillow cushions (4)

      -Bellezza leather neck pads (2)

      -Innovation gauge dual wide band

      -Innovation boost gauge w/shift light

      -Air lift dual air pressure gauge

      -TRD racing pedals


      -JLaudio (2)13w6v2 subwoofer in isobaric ported box

      -JLaudio 1000/1 mono amp

      -JLaudio Evo C3 6.5 (4)co-axles

      -JLaudio 300/4 4 ch. amp
    2. XMPLRY808
      Got a pic of the roll cage?
    3. Nashman
      2006 swb
      power and handling

      x11 sway bars
      apr x1
      urd equal length headers
      dyno max vnt muffler
      soon to have custom egual length y pipe with 2 vibrant resonators installed parts sitting on shelf
      volant cold air intake with ram scoop
      urd light weight fly wheel beleav its made by south bend
      volk te37's and stern beast rare as fook jdm wheels


      Pioneer DEH-80prs audiophile single din deck
      JL c3's front and rear
      JL tw3 sub
      JL JX500D
      JL JX360x4
      Stinger wireing kit
      Stinger cap
      dyno matted all doors and sealed all holes in door with matt and stuff doors with fome
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    4. Brother Lu
      Brother Lu
      Lu from Vancouver Canada,still check in a few times a week. Still love my x! DSCN2211.JPG
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    5. autobodyX
      Plus one on roll cage pictures.
    6. thewarriordinghy
      Lilburn, GA
      Tundra Racing drop kit
      Urd Headers
      Urd Ypipe
      No muffler side exit
      Urd intake
      Custom manifold spacer
      Level 8 wheels
      Cal tracs traction bars
      Strictly street spoiler
      20171107_090747.jpg 20171107_091944.jpg 19488846_10209458974174647_1396518975887977308_o.jpg
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    7. spicciani2
      Is that first picture the discount tire in lilburn? (I got my 1st set of brand new tires there!)
    8. BSP06XRU
      I'm still here daily, but my X is my ex. : (
    9. @omgredx

      I have you on IG. both my accounts. My other account is slow_golf_r
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    10. P05X
      Same boat, at east I know mines in good hands
    11. PLCX
      Still here. I have been away for some time. I guess I should remove my for sale post, ended up keeping my X.
      After 13 years I can't let it go now. I'll have to give it to my son when he's 17/18 lol. he's 11 months now.

      Bought a Ram Power Wagon. thats my daily driver now. Might have to paint the X white now lol IMG_5605.JPG IMG_8657.jpg
    12. Superloki24
      Brad's X-Runner.JPG
      Brad's X-Runner TRD SC.JPG

      2014 BRM, 128,000kms daily driver. On XRU daily. From Windsor, ON Canada (right across the river from Detroit). 2nd X-Runner I have owned, first was a '06 SWB.

      Current Mods:
      • TRD SC
      • TRD Gen 1 CAI (with Coupe cover)
      • URD Spec U Headers
      • URD Spec U Exhaust
      • URD UCON
      • URD Fuel Pump Upgrade (255LPH Walbro Pump)
      • Toyota OEM Oil Cooler
      • Coupe Oil Pan Spacer
      • Toyota 76mm Throttle Body
      • URD Twin Disk Clutch
      • URD Throwout Bearing Upgrade
      • Detroit Tru-Trac (in the garage, yet to be installed)
      • URD Trac Bar (in the garage, will be installed with TruTrac)
      • Gunmetal Powder Coated OEM Rims
      • Rotora 4 Piston BBK
      • XII Drop Springs
      • Tacoma 4x4 Rear Leaf Springs
      • XII Performance Sway Bars
      • Truxedo Titanium Tonneau Cover
      • Strictly Street Shorty Tailgate Spoiler
      • ScanGauge 2
    13. Limitless
      Greg from Pennsylvania here. Member since 2010 and have been to every X-fest East since.

      • RallyArmor Red Mudflaps!
      • 2010 XRU sticker with grafiti screename (+25 HP)
      • DTLT
      • URD Y-pipe and Catback (w/ O2 simulator)
      • High flow catalytic converters
      • URD intake
      • XII Sways, Leafs, Springs, QA1's
      • URD traction bar
      • URD short shifter
      • AFE gauges
      • Xtreme Kreations Door Panels
      • JBL subs and speakers w/ JL amps
      • Pioneer head unit with XM equipment
      • Wet Okole seat covers
      • Extang Revolution tonno
      • Magnetic Gray powdercoated stock rims (15" steelies for winter)
      • Curt Hitch
      • Redline Hood Struts
      • Coupe's Shift ball
      • Coupe's oil pan spacer
      • Headlights/Tailights (changes annually)

      Attached Files:

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    14. SgtBadA
      I was using 31 and then all the sudden another person showed up with the same number so I slapped a 1 in front of it. I based a lot of my truck off of yours to be honest. Since we were at VIR I wanted my truck to handle like yours lol
    15. thewarriordinghy
      Loganville...it was near to my office
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    16. autobodyX
      Dam good looking X and nice mod list too.
    17. captainkimhawk
      Hawk from San Diego on here once a day
      3" xii springs and cool with djm upper and lower arms
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    18. madtrucker
      I'm still here. 08 with TRD SC. I still love my X. [​IMG]
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    19. AZ Sun Lover
      AZ Sun Lover

      2015 2.7L waiting on URD to have sale on their S/C kit, SOS/StopTech 2 piece solid rotors (good 4 noise wheelies not pictured) 3.73 gears, LCE full exhaust w/ 1 cat delete & 2 Magnaflow's, Lowered 1.5" w/ SOS front kit & 2015 4x4 leafs, 19x8 & 8.5 forged Rays w/ 245 & 255/50-19 Nitto's, Swaybar's, Polly bushings F&R w/ TRD Bils., plus mis...
      Here once every 3 weeks or 3x daily. All I can say I wished I lived in 49 they got to buy X's until 2015 and wished Toyota still made the X. NASCAR said the Supra will be back again, so you never know.

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    20. Click
      I have a 2011 black, TRD SC, TRD SS, URD cold intake. That's about it. From Seattle area, not much action around this area. 14,600 miles,

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