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By o0opackersfano0o on Apr 5, 2018 at 2:37 PM
  1. o0opackersfano0o

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    just wanted to start a post to see how many people are on xru. The site is not as active as it use to be and we need to get it going. Please post if your on here once a day or every other day and what you have. I no there’s tons of trucks on here but a lot have sold. Post a pic of ur truck and where your from. And mods if you want. And let’s make xru great again!!
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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Discussions' started by o0opackersfano0o, Apr 5, 2018.

    1. Click
      I don't come on here much, maybe once a month, sometimes not for months. Not much action in this area and I opened a pub/bar which takes all my time so I don't have much time to check sites. I went out to the garage and looked at my truck, it's an AFE cold air intake. Haven't driven it in two years because the tabs are expired, and since I own my own business, I have no money. I put money into my 91 Toy to get the motor going and new tires, it's really my daily driver. 471,000 on it, bought it new. The X sits in the garage. Would like to see more action in the NW section.
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    2. RHD
      I get on here maybe once every 3months maybe. truck 2 (2).jpg IMG_1374.jpg
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    3. Hawaiis Ribbon X
      Hawaiis Ribbon X
      Kupono Chang
      Honolulu, Hawaii
      2015 Blue Ribbon Metallic
      On XRU every once in a while, gonna try hop on every other day!
      blue jay.jpg blue jay 1.jpg
    4. Superloki24
      Love the Pro grille man. How hard was it to switch it over?
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      Let's try to stay on topic. Please take these types of comments to PM or another thread. Thanks bro!
    6. Wayside
      I may be late but i am here
      Tom from lets call it Woodstock Ontario
      I usually don't log in but i am on usually about once a day
      original owner since 8km
      2014 BRM 1 of apparently 4 that are in Ontario according to the dealer i got her from

      AFE Magnum force stage 2 si CAI
      colour matching leer tonneau cover
      wet oakole seat covers
      yes yes i know it mostly stock but its still fun :D
    7. Edgeman
      Can you tell me what you did to add that data display to your center console? Did you buy or build the trim plate? What kind of display is that, and what software are you running on it? And last but not least, what are you doing for stereo? Are the steering wheel audio controls still functional?

      It looks beautiful! Great job!
    8. GT7
      Come here probably once a week.
      Trd supercharger
      Full urd spec-u.
      Valve body upgrade because Im a 5spd.

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    9. loginfailed
      I don’t have an XR but I come by every now and then. Mostly to see if @Gadget is making a Whipple kit for Tacoma’s yet.

      Houston, TX

      AFe Intake
      Magnuson SC
      2.55 pulley
      7th injector
      640cc main injectors
      URD headers, Y-pipe, MK3 exhaust
      IPT built transmission and torque converter

    10. SoFloBlue
      From South Florida.
      On here about once a day, sometimes more.
      2011 SWB XR original owner.
      URD Mk3 supercharger stage l
      URD short shifter
      URD MAF calibrator
      URD Spec-U LT headers
      Prosport white EVO series wideband and Boost gauge mounted in flex pod
      LED fogs

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    11. TheLightBringer
      Jason Nazareth PA

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    12. turbomach1
      Memphis TN area.

      After a month's wait for brakes from URD.

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    13. RHD
      Thanks. Its an ipad mini 4 with dash command app connect to obd via wifi. The ipad dash was done by soundman on youtube here is one of the videos . The ipad is connected to a sony deck via bluetooth which i installed in the glove box. Scosche has a dash mount for an ipad for a 2012 -2015 tacoma but I don't know how good it is. Oh and yes the steering wheel controls are still functional.
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    14. autobodyX
      FD887CC7-6EA1-4C7C-9E0F-ED204A012C1A.jpeg 2009 SWB second owner purchased from member AZburnin after the second meet up st Virginia international raceway. The 09 is my second X. I purchased a 2006 RR new off the lot and sold it after getting the 09. I check the forum daily some days several times. I use mine for work and play, l am not afraid to use it as a truck or go do a track day and fun with a bunch of fast cars.

      TRD supercharged with 2.85 stealth Pulley
      Fuel pressure regulator mod
      Doug Thorley long tube headers
      URD 02 simulators
      URD compition Y-pipe with big single magniflow catalytic converter and 3” exhaust threw magniflow muffler and tip
      URD 160 thermostat
      URD speed unlimiter
      URD fuel pump kit
      URD lightweight flywheel and stage 3+ clutch and Throwout bearing kit
      Clutch accumulater delete
      Coupe modded TRD short shifter and redline MT fluid
      Coupe weighted shift knob
      Toyota factory oil cooler
      Detroit Tru-trac LSD with redline shockproof gear lube
      AFE cold air intake with URD air filter and custom true cold air ram air inlet.
      Custom track day tailgate spoilers
      Custom street/daily use tailgate spoiler
      DJM 3/4 drop
      XII performance sway bars
      XII performance springs front and QA1 rear shocks
      Custom bump steer correction kit
      Custom front sway bar end links to correct for drop
      Stop-tech BBK with isF rotors
      SBC rear brake conversion
      ATE brake fluid
      Custom stainless brake lines front and rear as well as clutch line.
      Carbotech hp10 pads front and rear
      Custom brake cooling ducts and fans using screened fog light holes for inlets.
      Firestone air bags to adjust rear spring rate.
      Hood scoop delete
      Grillecraft grill insert
      Color matched. To the dash pad, radio face late

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    15. justin13703
      I haven’t had my X runner in 4 or 5 years but I still get on here at least once every two days. It has definitely slowed down a little but this has been by far the best forum I’ve ever been on.

      I bought a house and needed a bigger truck so I ended up with an 08 ram with 35s, and bought a Cam Superline 6x12 dump trailer. I’d throw a pic up but I haven’t posted any pics on any forum since photobucket decided to be a bunch of assholes.
      The "Upload a file" button works very easily. The image is stored locally to XRU. Then from there, once it's uploaded you can embed a thumbnail or full image directly into your reply.
    17. lingenfelterm
      2005 Speedway Blue (90K on the odometer)
      URD SS
      URD Clutch & TOB
      K&N Intake
      Borla Pro XS Muffler
      Morimoto LED Fog Lights (Not installed for this picture)
      Tonno Pro Lo-Roll Bed Cover
      Other Misc... I am on here at least once a week. My future mods include URD equal length headers and exhaust (when it's available again), BBK, possibly shocks and lowering kit, headlights of some kind... Depo ones developed spiderwebbing cracks in them after 14 months of use.
    18. nachizzie
      I get on once or twice a month
      08 bps original owner
      Basically stock

      Los Angeles CA.
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    19. omgwtfbbq!
      Not on any forum as often as I used to be back in highschool. That big boy job takes up a lot of time lol.

      Heres my 2013 though:

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      Up here in Ontario. Black 14 XR, owned since new. I check in once in a while. Waiting until things start wearing out before doing a lowering kit, tires/rims, and then a SC. Unfortunately the SC costs a fortune with the exchange in Canada...but will still be cheaper than buying a bigger truck with more room and more power and with better MPG.
      Only have a URD short shift for the time being.

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