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By o0opackersfano0o on Apr 5, 2018 at 2:37 PM
  1. o0opackersfano0o

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    just wanted to start a post to see how many people are on xru. The site is not as active as it use to be and we need to get it going. Please post if your on here once a day or every other day and what you have. I no there’s tons of trucks on here but a lot have sold. Post a pic of ur truck and where your from. And mods if you want. And let’s make xru great again!!
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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Discussions' started by o0opackersfano0o, Apr 5, 2018.

    1. Arcenik
      I don't have the front cats and I pass safety no problem. It also passed recon, I do still have the cats in the mid pipe, they probably think those are the main cats. It did get loud in the cab, I installed a vibrant resonator and its perfect now. I also have a flow master 50 series muffler.
    2. crzyhawaiian808
      Awesome thanks for the info!
    3. Chris Griteman
      Chris Griteman
      why is it that in my opinion every x that is not a factory color looks a little better than the factory colors?
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    4. spicciani2
      Cause the factory red is now pink?
    5. Chris Griteman
      Chris Griteman
      Your not wrong I personally want to paint mine a maroon

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