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Discussion in 'XII Performance' started by BondXII, Mar 13, 2018.

By BondXII on Mar 13, 2018 at 9:12 PM
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    No longer a “feeler” post. Now it is official. We have our quote from the manufacturer. We figured in the soft parts and packing materials. Now we have the prices.

    Thank you all for being patient with us as we get everything in line for you all.

    Here is the break down.

    The group buy price is going to be $440.00 plus shipping for each set. An additional $175 for those of you that need a rear sway bar install kit (non-X-Runner Tacos). Due to a price increase and previous underbidding by former employees (the actual owner now handles quotes to ensure they are no longer losing money), we are going to have to raise the normal purchasing price. So if you are looking at the fact that we normally charged $495 a set and we are “only” taking off $55...keep in mind that if you are not one of the lucky people on this group buy, you will be charged $550 a set if you miss out.

    If you are on this list, we need you to message us your shipping address so we can send you quotes for the group buy price, plus shipping charges. Once everyone is paid up, we will get the order placed and will have the sway bars in house within 4-5 weeks. After that, they will be immediately QA checked, boxed up, and shipped out to you all. We will message everyone with tracking numbers so you do not have to pace around the house wondering if today is going to be the day.

    For those of you that have been trolling waiting on the price, we will keep this list growing until midnight next Friday (3/23/18). At that time, no one else will be included in the group buy list. Those of you on the list have until the follow Friday at midnight (3/30/18) to pay in full. If you do not pay by that time, you will be removed from the group buy list and you will be stuck paying $550 plus shipping at a later date.

    If you want to be added now, simply comment and i’ll Add you to this OP.

    Here is the current group buy list:

    1. BondXII - Front (paid)
    2. Hard Taco - front/rear
    3. SgtBadA - front/rear - address - email - invoice
    4. Sonic555u - front/rear - address
    5. SOHCmyDOHC - front/rear - address - email - invoice
    6. TitanRattler813 - front/rear - address
    7. Captainkimhawk - front/rear - address - email - invoice
    8. Slowcomax - front/rear - address - email - invoice
    9. Lino - front/rear
    10. Radracer_x - front/rear - address
    11. D34DM0053 - front/rear
    12. Tan Nguyen - front/rear
    13. Arcenik - front/rear - address - email
    14. Autobutcher - front/rear - address
    15. Armorx - front/rear - address - email - invoice
    16. Sliwist - front/rear - address - email
    17. Bendilerian - front/rear
    18. Obsesiv1 - front/rear - address - email - invoice
    19. Mori - front/rear (facebook) - address - email - invoice
    20. PHX XR - front/rear
    21. Jon - front/rear
    22. Nnywg - front/rear - address (US/CN) - email
    23. Na-mr2 - front/rear
    24. XrunnerFF - front/rear - address - email - invoice
    25. OmbreYa Marianas - front/rear (facebook)
    26. XR415 - front/rear
    27. Blue10XR - front/rear - address - email
    28. MrX-Runner - front/rear - address - email - invoice
    29. Xcandyman - front/rear
    30. NiseiX - front/rear
    31. XMPLRY808 - front/rear (don’t ship until coilover) - address
    32. Mr2runner - front/rear - address - email - invoice - paid
    33. RS2008XR - front/rear - address

    XRU name
    What sway bars you want - front/rear/etc
    “Address” means that we have received your shipping address
    “Email” means that we have received you email
    “Invoice” means that we have sent you your invoice for payment
    “Paid” means you have paid in full
    “Shipped” means that they are on the way to their new homes
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Discussion in 'XII Performance' started by BondXII, Mar 13, 2018.

    1. XMPLRY808
      Xmplry808 front/rear could I also get front coilovers and rear shocks, same time? Thanks!
    2. mr2runner
      mr2runner front/rear
    3. BondXII
      Going through a lot of emails/PMs on here/ and PMs on FB. Thanks for everyone that is sending addresses already.

      Also, i forgot to mention in the OP...but please give me your email addy as well so we can send you the invoice to make the payments.
    4. BondXII
      I can add the rear shocks to your quote. The coilovers are on hold until this group buy is through and we get our drop coils back in stock. The good news is that I plan to do aa group buy on those as well when its time.

      Stay tuned
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    5. XMPLRY808
      Nice! Since I live in Hawaii and the cost of shipping here really bites! If you could hold the sway bars for me til the coilovers are ready to ship it all together thatll be greatly appreciated
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    6. BondXII
      OP updated to show who has sent me addresses and email addresses so far. Thanks for those of you that have done this already. Some of you i still need email addresses so i can send out the invoices.
    7. BondXII
      Just to give you a “legend” of what i’m putting in the OP to keep everybody in the loop.

      XRU name
      What sway bars you want - front/rear/etc
      “Address” means that we have received your shipping address
      “Email” means that we have received you email
      “Invoice” means that we have sent you your invoice for payment
      “Paid” means you have paid in full
      “Shipped” means that they are on the way to their new homes
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    8. RS2008XR
      I'm in. Info to be PM'ed.
      It would be even more special for those in this group buy to get special pricing on the front coilovers. Just saying.;)
    9. BondXII
      Wait and see sir...wait and see
    10. BondXII
      updated to show updates on addresses and who has been sent invoices.
    11. BondXII
      dang...somebody was ready to make payment. LOL
      I've added this to the bottom of the OP for reference, it'll likely get lost here....and then overlooked in the OP...and asked about 3 pages of comments later anyway :rolleyes:
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