Performance parts: Exhaust, MAF calibrator, O2 Sim, Intake, Rotrex 85mm

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    Hey all. Well I'm boosted and don't plan on going back to NA. I have some good condition pulled parts from my XR to pass on to another enthusiast. Everything is OBO.

    1) Borla stainless cat-back exhaust 2.25". Fits the XR ground fx nicely. I really liked the sound of this exhaust for years but It was time to go bigger. Screams at wide open throttle, with a euro tone.
    sound clip

    2) URD Plug N Play MAF Calibrator. Easy install and adds a nice little punch. Has TRD intake tune loaded (URD can email you tunes or you can have them flash it)
    Full details here
    New $250, my price $140 shipped

    3) URD Rear O2 Simulator. Easy plug n play setup. Helps get rid of check engine light when you start to mod.
    Full details here

    4) AIRAID Engine Cold Air Intake Kit. Nice sealed box type intake, breathes from hole in fender for cool air. Adds a nice intake tone and punch. The filter element is gigantic, and I'll blow it out before selling. Has about 20k on it. I think one of the 3 rubber mounts is missing, but something can be rigged up from parts store.
    Full details here

    5) URD aluminum 85mm rotrex supercharger pulley.
    My price $60 shipped
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