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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by K2, Jan 1, 2009.

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    As of December 27, 2008 has added additional security for our members. This new security measure requires that sellers who wish to post in our For Sale section MUST have a minimum of 30 posts on our forum. This provides potential buyers an opportunity to look through some of the sellers previous discussions and assess their trustworthiness. This also is incentive for new sellers to engage in our discussions and become a part of this unique community of X-Runner enthusiasts.

    Members that post for sale threads in other forums to bypass this requirement will be immediately but on a 30 day probation - disallowing any posting on XRU.

    *No exceptions will be made to this rule*

    For new sellers, please understand that this is to help protect our members that frequent this forum daily from those that are just squatting to make a quick sale from our loyal patrons -- and it is not intended to discourage the use of the For Sale forum in any way.
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