Stock clutch/Trans failures

Discussion in 'N/A Mods & Tuning' started by Weasle, Nov 5, 2009.

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    So heres the story...Bought my X new sept 08 (09 BRM) and at about 2200 miles the clutch shattered. I figured something was installed harm no foul, w/e. At about 16k the trans started jumping out of 3rd to the point i destroyed the gear and couldnt use it even if i held it in place. at 17.2k it was replaced and 5 days and 200 miles later, the clutch shattered again in a moderate acceleration shifting to 2nd at about 4200 RPMs. Im rough on the truck, but i dont go around dumping the clutch or doing burnouts or anything, im normally careful about not being hard on it after the first one shattered. I do usually shift pretty fast, but theres no jerking around...nice and smooth...any idea why ive had all these problems? Is the stock clutch just that crappy? If anyone has any info as to why ive had these issues or the cause of em id really appreciate it. Also, the X is N/A-no engine mods, no short throw...just the TRD shift knob (not that that will break the trans or clutch). SOOoo, if this is just a cheap parts issue, id love some input about were to shop around for a stage 2 clutch and any adverse effects of going aftermarket.
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    It's just the crappy toyota clutch. Talk to Gadget about getting a replacement.

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