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    Installed the monos last night. I am very impressed. The red is a perfect match to the sways and coils. Tho I did scuff 'em a bit with the U bolt threads, will need to fix it.

    Installation is fairly straightforward or at least it was after Blackcat showed up with a few suggestions. I used a jackstand on either side in front of the rear wheels and a jack on the pumpkin. Also I soaked all the bolts with PB Blaster.

    First thought after everything was put back together was "DAMN it's low!". 2.25" makes a huge difference. Set the QA1s to 5 and went for a drive. Pulled over after a bit as I found 5 too bouncy and set 'em to 4. Perfect.

    A week ago I rotated my nearly dead, bald front tires to the rear in order to finish them off. I let Iceman drive the truck with just the QA1s, sways and coils and all he did was complain about the tires and their lack of grip. After the monos grip improved so much it is a nice and day change.

    Took a scenic, curvy mountain road trip and damn the truck is so planted now. It stays flat with no lean. The truck remains comfortable without a lot of harsh bounce. Granted this is with QA1s I do not know if it would be the same with Bilsteins. I look forward to getting a BBK and really being able to push it.

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