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Discussion in 'XRU's TOP RIDES' started by Spyder327, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I figured that since more people and more people will be winning as time goes on i would put together a timeline list of all the past Top Ride winners, so it's easier to see who won when (each name has the link to their winning thread). I'll add to the list as more people win.

    Remember you can nominate people you would like to see as Top Ride by PM'ing any moderator or administrator.

    April 2007: DMC
    May 2007: Lenie03
    June 2007: XtoplineX
    July 2007: XRunner05
    August 2007: 2006NightRider
    September 2007: Xample
    October 2007: Shook
    November 2007: Morcheez
    December 2007: Stevenredx
    January/February 2008: Ntinhri
    March 2008: Hrspwr236
    April 2008: BJ's Throne
    May 2008: Skilledbum23
    June 2008: My68ur8trd
    July 2008: TitanRattler813
    August 2008: wshsbears
    September 2008: TACOMATOSED
    October 2008: DeathShadow
    November 2008: XDsm
    December 2008: Super Werty
    January 2009: Blastap
    February 2009: Gadget
    March 2009: Grumpy
    April 2009: BSP06XRU
    May 2009: jaxchrisfla
    June 2009: spyder327
    July 2009 : Blackcats' 2005 BSP
    August 2009 : XrunnIT's 2007 BSP
    September 2009 : Tapp's 2007 BSP
    October 2009 : Alexrunner's 2005 FBX
    November 2009 : Venomous_X's 2008 RR
    December 2009 : NHXRUNNER's 2007 BSP
    June 2010 : Ketchup's 2005 RR
    October 2011 : Coupe's 2008 RR
    November 2011 : Torspd's 2006 BSP 4x4
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