TRD Supercharger Nose Drive Seal

Discussion in 'F/I Mods & Tuning' started by StreetTaco, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. StreetTaco

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    Jul 7, 2020
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    I have the TRD Supercharger on my '12 and the nose drive seal is leaking. With only 6 oz of fluid I can't say if it is "bad" but it is a a spreading pattern but not dripping yet. Something of a class 1 leak.
    I am trying to get a part number for the nose drive seal. Dealer said all they can do is replace the entire nose @ $2000. Contacted Magnuson and was only told to contact SCOL for a rebuild. Contacted SCOL and they gave part # EAT-101687. I'm concerned that it doesn't list the MP90 as a compatible interchange.
    Can anyone help verify that this part # does interchange or give one that does?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. BSP06XRU

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    May 14, 2007
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    I don't know, but try contacting these guys:

    Found this parts list on another thread:

    TRD Spark Plug PTR24-35070
    TRD High Flow Injectors PTR24-35071
    TRD Lower Engine Radiator Hose PTR29-35061
    TRD Intercooler Pump PTR29-35062
    TRD Intercooler Pump Relay Kit PTR29-35063
    TRD Intercooler Hose Kit PTR29-35064
    TRD Oil Service Kit, Front Nose Assembly PTR29-35073
    TRD Drive Belt Tensioner Assembly PTR29-35074
    TRD Idler Pulley w/Bearing, 2.15", Steel PTR29-35075
    TRD Idler Pulley w/Bearing, 2.30" Ribbed, Steel PTR29-35076
    TRD Idler Pulley w/Bearing, 3.0" Ribbed, Aluminum PTR29-35077
    TRD Idler Pulley w/Bearing, 3.0" Flat Steel PTR29-35078
    TRD Front Nose Cover Replacement Assembly PTR29-35079
    TRD Low Temp Radiator (Tacoma) PTR29-35080
    TRD Hood Support Bracket (Tacoma) PTR29-35081
    TRD Low Temp Radiator (FJ Cruiser) PTR29-35082
    TRD Hood Support Bracket (FJ Cruiser) PTR29-35083
    TRD Supercharger Main Assembly PTR29-35084
    TRD Crankshaft Drive Pulley PTR29-35085
    TRD Intercooler Assembly & Lid PTR29-35086
    TRD Thermostat Housing Spacer & O-Rings PTR29-35087
    TRD Supercharger Drive Belt PTR30-35070
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  3. StreetTaco

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    Jul 7, 2020
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    For a follow up, I finally got to doing the repair and indeed that was the correct seal/part number. Could only retrieve 2 oz of fluid but only got about 3 oz back in before it was over flowing out of the fill port.
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