Virginia Beach Meet, June 16-18

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Hard Taco, Feb 4, 2017.

By Hard Taco on Feb 4, 2017 at 7:12 PM
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    Note: XRU has promoted this post to bring more attention to this member's meet in Virginia Beach, VA. If you haven't gone to a meet, you're missing out on a lot great people and good time. Please post here or PM the thread owner for details.

    As promised I'm planning a meet in Virginia Beach. The date it set for June 16-18. Hoping everyone near and far can attend gonna be a fun weekend. Can we get a list going of people that are possibly interested in attending so I can get a rough head count of those attending ?

    Hotel Reservations
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Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Hard Taco, Feb 4, 2017.

      This is not X-Fest.....X-Fest will be in late September/ early October as usual.
    2. K2
      There is a small possibility that XRU will be hosting a meet down south. I live in Virginia but actually work for a company out of Gainesville so I'm down that way every couple months anyway. I usually rent a car but could probably bring the truck one time and do a meet while I'm down. May not be as big as an official X-Fest meet but I'm sure we could still get a good number of trucks to come out if we hold it in north Florida. That'd make it a good central location for Georgia, southern Alabama, southern Mississippi and all of Florida.
    3. alexander177
      Now that would be awesome. if that ever comes to being I will without a doubt be there.
    4. Hard Taco
      Hard Taco
      No not official but it's going to be a great meet. can't speak for gadget but I think he's coming. The event is free but not the hotel
    5. armytrd
      Does it have to be xrunner limited. I have a buddy who wants to come but he only has a 4x4 model
      No softball that weekend.....hoping to be able to make it down
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    7. blackx-runner
      Bring him down. It's more of a fun weekend hanging out with car nuts and having a good time than anything else. There might be some of the OG crew coming to this thing that haven't had X-runners for years.
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    8. Hard Taco
      Hard Taco
      Virginia Beach meet itinerary


      hotel check in

      Meet n greet


      Go karts



      Dyno *need atleast 10 people to make this happen

      Cruise out to pungo lunch on the way out

      Meet back at hotel

      Top golf



      Group photo at hotel

      Roll out
    9. LateOnTheBrakes
      I wish I did not have trade in my X-Runner.
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    10. Gadget
      Once a member, ALWAYS a member!!! Well, unless you get kicked out for being a dick or something.

      If you don't have your XRunner anymore, SO WHAT! Come and don't be late.

      I hope I did not miss speak here. I know I did not organize the event. If I did let me know...
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    11. AryaHmmr
      I'll be flying to Norfolk for a conference that weekend. I arrive too late Saturday night to join you guys but would love to join on Sunday. What time are you guys doing breakfast? I would love to at least see some of your trucks!
    12. o0opackersfano0o
      Not gonna be able to make it. But I will make it for xfest no matter what.
    13. Hard Taco
      Hard Taco
      Probably around 8am
      What's the headcount at Rubin?
    15. Hard Taco
      Hard Taco
      12 said they were going so far
      Nice, should be a fun meet. Still trying to make it happen to make the trip.
    17. Billy182
      I'm a definite, I've got the truck completed and it will be great meeting everyone for my first gtg
    18. armytrd
      Me and some buddies will be coming down on Saturday morning. Please don't mind, but my truck is very much a work in progress. Can't wait to meet yall!
      Nobody cares!! Meets are about putting faces to names, not to critique someone's build or lack there of. It's a bunch of people with a common interest. Nobody should ever worry about what shape their truck is in for an XRU meet.
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    20. armytrd
      Thank you for that and it is my first meet. Can't wait to see what everyone has.
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