What Did You Do To Your X-Runner TODAY?

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Discussions' started by NHXRUNNER, Mar 22, 2019.

By NHXRUNNER on Mar 22, 2019 at 12:00 PM

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    So I just joined an FJ Cruiser forum because well, I've finally retired the X-Runner from daily driving at 217,000 miles. But this is one of the fun threads I saw over there and thought it would be a good way to get a little more chatter around here. So what did you do to your X-Runner today?

    I replaced mine with this pig as my DD. 2011, Army Green, FJ Cruiser "Not So Special Edition", 6 speed manual. The NSSEs were supposed to be Trail Teams Special Editions but arrived in the states without many of the TT upgrades due to the tsunami in Japan. Buyers had the option to wait for a fully built TT or add the upgrades at the dealer. Clearly this one got the upgrade treatment. She's got the TRD wheels, Warrior front bumper, roof rack, JBL sound system, and rock sliders. It's unknown exactly how many there are but it's thought to be less than 100 total. TTSEs were 1 of 2500 each model year. Manual transmissions were estimated to be about 10% of the total production. So the way I see it I've got roughly 1 of 10 manual NSSEs. :cool:

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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Discussions' started by NHXRUNNER, Mar 22, 2019.

    1. mejbro
      I knew I wasn't crazy!
      Finished sealing the front timing cover, new o-rings everywhere, and reattached all components.
      Also, I cut the grass and made a Murphy Bed.
      Nighty night folks!
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      Upload test....
      Looks like there's some sort of size limit. I tried a small photo and it worked fine, larger one failed. I'll try to get this resolved. Thanks for the heads up.
    3. mejbro
      Thank you Mr. NHXRUNNER!
      Matt works, lol
    5. mejbro
      Okay, Mr. Matt!
      Alright, alright...
      Thanks Matt
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      Put the summer wheels on and temp fixed the side skirt. Can’t seem to find the clips I just bought......but she’ll see the open road tomorrow! Can’t wait!!
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    7. mejbro
      It seemed like my clips kept snapping with every hit I made at the track, so I used the zip tie method!
    8. spicciani2
      Bit the bullet... Bought the URD tranquil sleeve kit for my chirp... Also have a stock clutch/flywheel+bolts/clutch slave+master coming
      Actually I've had some trouble with those side skirt clips recently and bought new clips which are not helping.... how do you get a zip tie to fix it? I cant get it in there but maybe i should just punch a hole through the inside ....
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      The bracket that the clips mount to (on the truck) has a hole on the mounting location. You can put a zip tie through that hole and out through the "clip hole". You can then go through the body kit "clip hole" and out the side then back down to the zip tie lock. When doing it take the two front screws out of the skirt and take out all of the clips. Leave the bottom skirt brackets connected. Then starting from the back get a zip tie in each clip location connected loosely. Once you have a zip tie in each location reach underneath and pull them tight one by one. Should snug right up.
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    10. mejbro
    11. spicciani2
      thanks that makes sense. I'll do it today
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      Be careful with the one closest to the bed, I tore that one off....going to have to plastic weld it back on.
    13. revobreaker
      I took the trash to the dump, washed it then covered it back up. The pollen is crazy recently

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    14. o0opackersfano0o
      Waiting on time to do stuff. Got new laptop. Hp tuner. And 650cc injectors. Exhaust cam gears will be here at some point...
      still can’t upload pictures tho... @NHXRUNNER
      Someone installed the calipers for my Stoptech BBK upside down many moons ago, and someone tried to swap the bleeders back to the top last weekend. In the process said someone snapped a bleeder off. So someone has delegated the repairs to a reputable mechanic rather than a monkey with a wrench.

      Someone may or may not have been me.....
      Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
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    16. Superloki24
      Been there, done that. Not on the X-Runner, but on many other vehicles. Not fun trying to get them out once they broke off. Tip, put some anti-seize on the threads when you install the new fitting.
    17. Waasheem
      Installed new valve stem caps. About the most insignificant, yet necessary maintenance task to be done
    18. Waasheem
      Last week, shortly after buying it, tested coolant for electrolysis, passed.
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    19. autobodyX
      Changed the oil last Saturday and checked everything over a little each day this week in preparation of running a tracknite America event today at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I like pulling in with a set of slicks and a easy up canopy, cooler, floor jack and stands ect. All in the bed then watching people point and say holy crap he gonna run that truck and he’s in the advanced group.
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    20. Cal Frez
      Cal Frez
      Got 150K miles on my daily beater.... 2010 Black Sand. She needs some TLC, paint and body work, interior work. But it is sooo much fun to drive.
      Will likely be my last truck.
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