What Did You Do To Your X-Runner TODAY?

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By NHXRUNNER on Mar 22, 2019 at 12:00 PM

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    So I just joined an FJ Cruiser forum because well, I've finally retired the X-Runner from daily driving at 217,000 miles. But this is one of the fun threads I saw over there and thought it would be a good way to get a little more chatter around here. So what did you do to your X-Runner today?

    I replaced mine with this pig as my DD. 2011, Army Green, FJ Cruiser "Not So Special Edition", 6 speed manual. The NSSEs were supposed to be Trail Teams Special Editions but arrived in the states without many of the TT upgrades due to the tsunami in Japan. Buyers had the option to wait for a fully built TT or add the upgrades at the dealer. Clearly this one got the upgrade treatment. She's got the TRD wheels, Warrior front bumper, roof rack, JBL sound system, and rock sliders. It's unknown exactly how many there are but it's thought to be less than 100 total. TTSEs were 1 of 2500 each model year. Manual transmissions were estimated to be about 10% of the total production. So the way I see it I've got roughly 1 of 10 manual NSSEs. :cool:

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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Discussions' started by NHXRUNNER, Mar 22, 2019.

    1. 30Birdy
      Put on new tires, got an alignment, Mobil 1 oil change, air filter cleaned with fresh new oil, cabin air filter swap, vacuumed and washed. Whew! Time to rest...
    2. Click
      Did a little polishing for the car show tomorrow
      Drove it to the golf course for the club championship. Now it has it’s own parking spot at the golf course too!!
    4. 30Birdy
      I did the blue tire mod. LOL. Probably wont stay with monsoon season here now.

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    5. spicciani2
      removed my bald 275/40/18 michelin pilot sport AS3 run flats and put on pirelli zero nero 235/40/18 the 275 was waay too fat for my nearly stock size rim. I was worried the 235 would be too skinny but it looks good. (the 275 came from a friends corvette the 235 from a mustang... jew dont say no to free/cheap)
      I'm hoping the MPJesus improve.
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    6. Cal Frez
      Cal Frez
      hey guys I am being told that Toyota says it takes 8.50 hours to change the gasket on the lower oil pan.
      do they have to disassembly half the car to reach it?
      hoping someone out there has done one and can tell me!
      take care guys
    7. Click
      Nope, in my experience with the X oil pan, there is no gasket. It's basically a form of RTV. I put a Coupe deep oil pan on my tuck in my driveway. It took a short afternoon. Do it yourself.
    8. Superloki24
      Same here. I did mine in my driveway on some jack stands. It was really easy to do. I would say tops 2hrs.
    9. mejbro
      I would recommend using the FPIG that Toyota uses for the front timing cover. Good luck!
    10. Gators Taco
      Gators Taco
      Installed a hitch last week, sound dampening this week. Exhaust next month.
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    11. Cal Frez
      Cal Frez
      Awesome. Thanks you guys!
      Talk soon,
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    12. spicciani2
      I'm intertested how you will be installing sound deadening with what and where
    13. Gators Taco
      Gators Taco
      Google how to remove the panels and to sound proof. No guess work that way. Did the back wall, floor under the trays and the doors. You can buy the sheets on Amazon
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    14. Click
      It's raining here now so I went out to the garage to look at it and check the battery tender
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      Think I drove mine for the last time this year this weekend. Salt on the roads any day now..... :(
    16. PiNkY
      That sucks man....I love gettin in and ripping it anytime
    17. MaK10-XRnR
      My uncle sold his 05 Xrunner because he was having a lot of issues with it so he sold me a bunch of his spare parts. Here's a list of what i got:

      1) Xrunner wheels, tires, center caps, and lugs. Tires have about 90% tread, wheels have a little bit of rash, but nothing horrible. No TPMS' in them because they weren't required back then.

      2) XII Steel Leaf Spring Packs. These have had an interesting life. I was told that my uncle bought them from a member on here down in socal? He's got a red Xrunner, JZ motor swap and he went to SEMA one year with it. No idea on the miles that are on them but my uncle put about 40k miles on them before the main leaf snapped. I got a buddy that works at a blacksmith that specializes in fabricating leaf springs so he's gonna take a look at it after the holidays. These came with all the hardware, bushings and even OEM shackles.

      3) QA1 Single Adjustable Shocks. Roughly 40k on them but they're better than my factory Bilsteins. I'm hoping to slap these on in the next few days and see how the drive is.

      4) AFE Dry Filter Air Intake. I wasn't even expecting this but i found it in his garage and when i checked the part number on it, it matched for a v6 Tacoma. I didn't look into it much when i loaded it up in the truck but when I got home i discovered that it was actually the Dry Filter kit and I believe my uncle was mistakenly adding K&N oil to the filter. I spent probably 2-3 hours spraying the filter now and washing it to get all the oil and contaminants out of it. Anyway, long story short, I took the TRD Gen 2 Intake off and installed this intake. The only noticeable gain at this point is how loud the actual intake is and I feel as if the supercharger is definitely louder now but no noticeable gains to the butt dyno.

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    18. x-runner kid
      x-runner kid
      For your leaf spring packs it sounds like they came from Jesus 2jz X. He has a shop in Ontario California as well.
    19. MaK10-XRnR
      Sounds like it! These leaf springs have been passed around like a village bicycle. lol I spoke to my uncle last night and he informed me that he bought his X at 70k miles and sold it at 140k so they definitely have mileage on them.

      I'm definitely going to get the main leaf replaced and put them on my Xrunner so that I can replace the 2" blocks that I currently have in the truck.

      I cleaned up the shocks last night:


      One is missing the top bolt. Not a big deal, i'll just track down a new one. The other is missing the O-ring that mounts on the actual rod. I don't think it's going to affect performance at all.
    20. Superloki24
      I've got a set of QA1s that I want to put on the back as well but they need to be re-built. Has anybody had any luck with them being rebuilt and lasting?

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