What Did You Do To Your X-Runner TODAY?

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Discussions' started by NHXRUNNER, Mar 22, 2019.

By NHXRUNNER on Mar 22, 2019 at 12:00 PM

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    So I just joined an FJ Cruiser forum because well, I've finally retired the X-Runner from daily driving at 217,000 miles. But this is one of the fun threads I saw over there and thought it would be a good way to get a little more chatter around here. So what did you do to your X-Runner today?

    I replaced mine with this pig as my DD. 2011, Army Green, FJ Cruiser "Not So Special Edition", 6 speed manual. The NSSEs were supposed to be Trail Teams Special Editions but arrived in the states without many of the TT upgrades due to the tsunami in Japan. Buyers had the option to wait for a fully built TT or add the upgrades at the dealer. Clearly this one got the upgrade treatment. She's got the TRD wheels, Warrior front bumper, roof rack, JBL sound system, and rock sliders. It's unknown exactly how many there are but it's thought to be less than 100 total. TTSEs were 1 of 2500 each model year. Manual transmissions were estimated to be about 10% of the total production. So the way I see it I've got roughly 1 of 10 manual NSSEs. :cool:

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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Discussions' started by NHXRUNNER, Mar 22, 2019.

    1. mejbro
      I've just bought a new set and kept the good one from the old set as a spare.
    2. mejbro
    3. mejbro

      Folded the driver side mirror to run on the treadmill today...
    4. Seamless
      Posting pictures like a boss! haha
      All I did new today was contemplate clutch/flywheel/bearing options
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    5. mejbro
      Lemme help...
      URD Stage 3+
      GM Style Hydraulic "TOB" A.K.A. - THE FIX
      The last one is tough to find, but a "repair kit" is also available.
      I have maybe one of the last URD Twin Disc Clutches with the lightweight steel flywheel to match.
      I honestly shoulda got the Stage III + Single Disc
    6. Seamless
      Thanks. How do you like the around town drivability with light flywheel and upgraded clutch? Its not going to be a track truck but want to no lift shift and launch sometimes without burning it up. I had a light flywheel on my jetta and liked how snappy it made the revs, but that was a 2 liter.
      Ive been reading about the clutchmaster hydraulic bearing kit. Wondering if its worth $500 hmmmmm
      I bought the clutchmasters hydraulic throwout bearing but have yet to install it. I'd either get an oem bearing and hope for the best or get the hydro bearing.
    8. Seamless
      NHX Let me know if you decide to get rid of it haha....or just install it. I was reading reviews on TW and it sounds nice, tell me it feels like clutch butter and sway my vote.

      I've done so much to my truck in a relative short period of time this lull of not having immediate work to do is stressing me out. I'll prob dyno soon, curious what its making
    9. mejbro
      The lightweight steel flywheel is a treat!
      If you do a lot of city driving, I would never recommend an aluminum flywheel. Had one on my '94 Toyota Celica ST Turbo'd and absolutely hated my Fidanza aluminum flywheel.
      My truck was built for the track, a URD clutch will probably not burn up ever, but more clutch equals more wheel hop if launching at higher RPM's.
      Our stock Bilsteins in the rear do not wanna "squat".
      For less than 300 bucks, you can always get a set of QA1 - 18 way adjustable shocks that you can dial in on days you wanna shoot out of a cannon.
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    10. Seamless
      Got an alignment and made a little vid.
      So I have the s.o.s 1.5" front /2" rear drop kit and tech said the front camber adjustment was maxed out and would need a kit to get perfect. What's the best remedy for this?
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      A better alignment tech. Any of the kits that drop the front less than 2" can be aligned into factory spec. There's no such thing as a tacoma "camber kit" either, at least that I know of.
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    12. Seamless
      Thanks, that's what I thought as well. Figures the 1 thing I don't do myself is an issue, so many ppl are bad at their jobs these days. This was at a chevy dealership where a friend works so I got a deal....but they are known to be stupid (I fix customer cars they crash all the time lol). I'll try a specialty lowered car alignment shop where they aren't scared to whack stuff.
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    13. markgt531
      picking up my truck from the shop tomorrow, finally got around to get leaky diff issue fixed. cant wait to get back into it as i have too much parts waiting to be installed for years now lol
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    14. blu xr
      blu xr
      looking to change out all the lug nuts tomorrow and may try my work equip wheels off the supra to see how they fit the x...
    15. mejbro
      Hooked up the trickle charger after my wife kicked it loose.
      Almost thinking about letting the X find another home, but I am conflicted...
      It's wild to have a piece of Toyota history, an '05 X-runner, the answer to Nissans 350 Z....
      ( I also want an '08 IS F and '94 Celica GT4 )
      I put a ton of money and time into this machine that has hurt folks' feelings at the track, my favorite being a Chevelle ( he was on street tires ), I drug his a$$ and watched him put it back on the trailer!
      But, I don't drive this thing! I drive a company truck for work, my wife has an RX350 and I've got the Tundra... I put a base for the car seat in the X and my wife took it out!
      Sorry for bit$&ing... just losing it... I hate that it just sits in the garage... but love having it...
      If it's paid for and it's not in the way, keep it. You'll regret selling it if you still love it. I know quite a few that still regret selling theirs.
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    17. Click

      My wife has an RX350 and I drive a 91 Toy SR5 as a daily. Bought it new. Beat a 37 Chev with a 454 stop light racing once. I put about 2000 a year on it, never take it out in the winter, and keep it in the garage. Put the S/C on it, sway bars, short shifter, BBK. My wife would kill me if I sold it and I don't think about doing it. All I hear about when someone sells their truck is they wish they still had it. Keep it.
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    18. mejbro
      Thanks for the advice fellas!
      I love this forum.
    19. Seamless
      What NHXRUNNER said, wisdom nugget. Make a point to drive it on your days off. I come home for lunch break and swap cars from my beater to the X every day and it makes life slightly better
    20. Seamless
      Picked up a car to work on today and took some pics.

      Just look at that sexy, powerful, unique, hand-crafted beast.........and also there's a ZR1 :p
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