X-Fest 2017 - Hershey, PA - Oct 27-29

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    X-FEST 2017 will make it's mark on Hershey, Pennsylvania!

    That's right guys... the one and only X-Fest will return to Hershey after an eight year hiatus. This year's X-Fest will be held in from October 27-29. The itinerary will be light so we have the flexibility to adjust on the fly, but here is my first pass:
    • Fri, Oct 27: Arrive, Meet & Greet, TownePlace Suites, Roundtop Mountain Adventures (Zip Lines, Rope Courses, or Paintball), Annual Show-N-Shine
    • Fri, Oct 27: Dinner at Marzoni's Brick Oven & Brewing within walking distance of the property, Campfire, Socializing
    • Sat, Oct 28: SCCA Autocross Event at Hersheypark (morning).
    • Sat, Oct 28: Hersheypark or Roundtop Mountain Adventures (Zip Lines, Rope Courses, or Paintball)(afternoon)
    • Sat, Oct 28: Dinner at Troegs Independent Brewing, and the ANNUAL RAFFLE
    • Sat, Oct 28: Indoor Karting at Autobahn Indoor Speedway, Campfire, Socializing (nightcap)
    • Sun, Oct 29: Breakfast and Depart

    For those of you who have never been to one of these events, it's laid back and casual. It's not about tons of vendors setting up booths to push their products. It's a chance to put faces to the names you see on here every day. It's a chance for the new guys with stock rigs to see in person that can be done and ask all the questions that haven't been answered here (are there any of those?). It's about meeting new people, building camaraderie, and having fun with people that likely have very much the same interests you do. These types of meets are what is best about this forum. We'll have organized dinners on Friday and Saturday nights with the group and a raffle with some GREAT prizes following Saturday's.

    Raffle Prizes


    The Show & Shine will be informal with no entry fee this year. There will be two separate classes "stockish" and "modified" so as not to put the new guys at a disadvantage. This is usually very informal, but is great because it gives everyone the opportunity to check out each others' rides. We hope everyone will participate for a chance to win a nice little prize package.

    For the first time in X-Fest East's existence you'll be able to push your truck to it's limits at the SCCA Autocross Event at Hersheypark. Please sign up here -> EVENT SIGNUP (as "AM" or "A Modified). Classes can be found here -> CATEGORIES. Rules can be found here -> COMPLETE RULES (See Section 18). We'll spend the morning tearing up the course. You think you're the fastest? Now you can PROVE IT!

    I have reserved a 20 room block at TownePlace Suites (King Studio Suite-$109/night +tax, 2BR Suite-$169/night +tax) in Mechanicsburg, PA. You should be able to book either room via this direct link (http://cwp.marriott.com/harmt/xru) or by calling the hotel directly and referencing XRU. The room block is reserved through Friday Oct 6. The property is also pet friendly (pet cleaning fee) so please inform the hotel if you plan to bring your furry friend.

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your call, we are happy to accommodate more of your guests attending the event. To make a reservation, call the hotel directly at (717) 691- 1400, press (0) to speak with a Guest Service Representative on property and then ask for Tiffany Panosetti if the Representative isn't able to help. I have directed our front desk to allow your group rate so be pushed through and so everyone should be able to help.....
    Thank you,
    Nicole Miller


    We didn't forget the LADIES. There are several spas just around the corner and there is an outlet shopping center about 20 mins away. Pamper her with a massage or slide her the credit card and she'll forget all about having to spend the entire weekend hanging out with us knuckleheads. :rofl::rofl:

    TownePlace Suites
    4915 Ritter Rd
    Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
    Phone: 717.691.1400

    Roundtop Mountain Resort
    925 Roundtop Rd
    Lewisberry, PA 17339
    Phone: 717.432.9631

    Hershey Park
    211 North Meckesville Road
    Albrightsville, Pa 18210
    Phone: 800.754.7647

    Autobahn Indoor Speedway
    1001 Bosler Ave
    Lemoyne, PA 17043
    Phone: 717.695.4000

    Marzoni's Brick Oven & Brewing
    4931-4953 Ritter Rd
    Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
    Phone: 717.766.6289

    Troegs Independent Brewing
    200 East Hershey Park Drive
    Hershey, PA 17033
    Phone: 717.534.1297

    Taybella Wellness Spa
    5241 Simpson Ferry Rd
    Hampden Township, PA 17050
    Phone: 717.712.8838

    Tanger Outlets Hershey
    46 Outlet Square
    Hershey, PA 17033
    Phone: 717.520.1236

    This first post and thread will be updated with more information as it becomes available! Don't miss out on the most bad ass event of the year! See you guys there! :driver::rockon:
    Please PM NHXRUNNER once you've confirmed your reservation so I can keep an updated list of who is confirmed to be attending.

    Confirmed Attendee List
    2. akakrill
    3. *IrunniT*
    4. revobreaker
    5. Gearhead899
    6. Limitless
    7. BrotherMurderface
    8. R1 Chris
    9. markgt531
    10. throwingsparksatu
    11. na-mr2
    12. TheLightBringer
    13. Juancho
    14. Jayme hollenbach
    15. Fook
    17. xrbeach13
    18. mejbro
    19. omgwtfbbq!
    X-FEST EAST T-SHIRTS and Raffle Tickets will available for pre-order in the very near future!!
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Discussion in 'Site News & Updates' started by NHXRUNNER, Sep 12, 2017.

    1. omgwtfbbq!
      Too late to get the group rate but put me down. I'm on the waiting list for the autocross, hopefully some people no-show.
      You are not too late to get the group rate.

      From the Sales Manager Nicole Miller "To make a reservation, call the hotel directly at (717) 691- 1400, press (0) to speak with a Guest Service Representative on property and then ask for Tiffany Panosetti if the Representative isn't able to help. I have directed our front desk to allow your group rate so be pushed through and so everyone should be able to help...."
    3. Limitless
      Ill follow up on the autocross event and see if I can get people signed up some other way. I've never seen it fill up before so i didn't think that could happen. Typically it just makes the event longer if there are more people.
      Thanks Greg. I don't think many have signed up. I know I haven't. If this turns into an issue we'll have to scramble to change our plans for the day.
      T-Minus 2 weeks bitches!!!!
      BrotherMurderface likes this.
    6. mejbro
      Hey NHXRUNNER!
      So, I travel A LOT for work and I just received an out of country assignment. I will be leaving the 23rd and returning the 27th. Only problem is I get back to Virginia at midnight on Friday. I'll be driving up post haste and I'll see y'all at breakfast!
      That's fine, we'll be there when you get there.
    8. bluXkid
      Same. Ugh I hate Florida
    9. devan08
      Dam 12hrs not including stops!!! It took me about 11hrs from VA to GA both times when I moved last year. I wish I could go it's been like 2 years.............
      Just do it....I've done 12hrs...it sucks but there's only 1 XFEST...
    11. markgt531
      hey J, same here, ima head over sat morning right after work lol ...gna need a shit load of caffiene lol

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