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    X-Fest will make it's return in 2020 and partner with Get Fast Events to host a track session at Summit Point Raceway Park in Summit Point, WV!!
    That's right guys... the one and only X-Fest will make its first appearance on a racetrack. You've been asking, we've finally made it happen. This year's X-Fest will be held in Charles Town, WV from September 18-20. The itinerary will be light so we have the flexibility to adjust on the fly, but here is my first pass:
    • Fri, Sept 18: Arrive, Meet & Greet, Home2 Suites by Hilton. I'll bring cornhole boards and provisions for polish horseshoes, feel free to bring you own!
    • Fri, Sept 18: 7PM Roll-out to dinner at 'Abolishionist Ale Works' which is a very short drive from the hotel. We'll conclude the night at the fire pit for socializing.
    • Sat, Sept 19: Show and Shine (morning).
    • Sat, Sept 19: Cruise through historic Harper's Ferry (mid-day)
    • Sat, Sept 19: 1:30 PM Roll-out to the Main Event, a Private Track Session on the Shenandoah Circuit at Summit Point Raceway Park. Laps can be timed if we choose. We'll also have the opportunity to do a touring lap as a group.
    • Sat, Sept 19: Dinner (location TBD), and the ANNUAL RAFFLE (afternoon)
    • Sat, Sept 19: Fire pit, Socializing (nightcap)
    • Sun, Sept 20: Breakfast and Depart
    For those of you who have never been to one of these events, it's laid back and casual. It's not about tons of vendors setting up booths to push their products. It's a chance to put faces to the names you see on here every day. It's a chance for the new guys with stock rigs to see in person that can be done and ask all the questions that haven't been answered here (are there any of those?). It's about meeting new people, building camaraderie, and having fun with people that likely have very much the same interests you do. These types of meets are what is best about this forum. We'll have organized dinners on Friday and Saturday nights with the group and a raffle with some GREAT prizes following Saturday's track session.

    Raffle Prizes

    We have track time at Summit Point on Saturday afternoon. I've worked with Get Fast Events to secure our own private session starting at 4:30. They're hosting an all-day event at the track and they've agreed to extend it and provide us the same number of laps, for the same price, just in a condensed private session so we don't have to spend the entire day at the track. Times will be tracked and bragging rights will acquired. For those of you who may be concerned about "racing", like I am, don't feel like you have to push it to the limit. I'll be taking the opportunity to safely rip the truck while staying short of Full Send knowing I have a 550+ mile drive home. We'll also get the chance to do a touring lap or two as a group to conclude the session. Due to Covid-19 entry into the facility is limited to paying customers only. Spectators (other than your passenger) are not permitted. So please plan accordingly. The cost is only $120 per driver.

    Please use the link below to sign up for the track session.
    I have reserved a 15 room block at the Home2 Suites by Hilton in Charles Town, WV ($129+tax per night). You should be able to book a Single King or Double Queens for that rate. I can expand that block when we need more rooms.


    Please PM ME and I will provide you the discount code to make your reservation.

    The property is also pet friendly (pet cleaning fee of $100) so please inform the hotel if you plan to bring your furry friend.

    The Show & Shine will be informal with no entry fee this year. There will be two separate classes "stockish" and "modified" so as not to put the new guys at a disadvantage. This is usually very informal, but is great because it gives everyone the opportunity to check out each others' rides. We hope everyone will participate for a chance to win a nice little prize package.

    This first post and thread will be updated with more information as it becomes available! Don't miss out on the most bad ass event of the year! See you guys there! :D
    Please PM NHXRUNNER once you've confirmed your reservation so I can keep an updated list of who is confirmed to be attending.

    Confirmed Attendee List

    2. Gearhead899
    3. Limitless
    4. throwinsparksatu
    5. Shane881510
    6. NEXRNR
    7. namr2
    8. Juancho
    9. markgt531
    10. Obsesiv1
    11. Mad_Max
    12. Chicano
    13. autobodyX
    14. FLgator
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Discussion in 'Site News & Updates' started by NHXRUNNER, Aug 11, 2020.

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