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    Do you feel the X-Runner's are quick?

    I think they're quick with the TRD Supercharger. (Obviously so with a URD or turbo) Definitely fun to drive, and quick enough to play around with some decently quick cars!
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    TRD S/C - Install myself or let stealership do it?

    If I knew how to do it myself, I totally would. I envy those of you who have actual mechanical ability.
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    2006 RR For sale 51,000 miles

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tempting...
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    Someone finall did it!!!!!

    pretty epic
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    texas license plates become optional?

    I used to get flak for no front plate on my 2001 Prelude. I had a really nice Mugen kit and refused to drill into it. I always had my front plate on my X, but my newest car I'm never going to put a front plate on. We'll see what happens!
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    December 2011 : Vince77's 2007 SWB

    Looks awesome and clean! Love the recessed grill!
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    Coupe Your Awesome!!!

    Wow, that looks totally awesome! Coupe does make bad ass stuff
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    Bye bye my sweet X

    Yup, 5.0. So far, I'm really loving it. Never had anything quite this quick Hey Cory, hope you love that blower as much as I did! I enjoyed just revving her up and listening to it! I know you'll love the extra beef as well. You and Grumpy were awesome... hope to see some pics of your ride...
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    Bye bye my sweet X

    Honestly, when I got in the wreck, I knew it was going to be totalled :frown: It was a pretty bad wreck, and I think alot of it doesn't come through in the pics. Anyway, I searched eBay for deals, and couldn't find anything even halfway as decent for the kind of deal I got last time. But I...
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    Ketchup v4.0

    Truck looks hoottttt! :adore:
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    Bye bye my sweet X

    Yeah bros, it totally sucks to be honest. But I was driving to the north side of town on the Beltway the Sunday before last and it was raining pretty hard for the first time in months. I was going about 65mph in the center lane, hit a patch of water and the truck just lost control. It...
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    Bye bye my sweet X

    Hey everyone, I've only been around for a short while so I haven't had a chance to meet hardly any of you. Unfortunately, something horrible happened last weekend that may end my X-Runner career :( I had an '07 Red X-Runner with a TRD Supercharger, what a great truck! Fast as an E39M5, and...
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    Dash kit for double DIN head unit that is high quality?

    Nice! Thanks bros. I'll let you know how mine turns out. I'm probably gong to modify if to have a USB port on it also, possibly. What kind of goodness has Coupe been up to? A Coupe custom dash kit? hmmmmmm.
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    Dash kit for double DIN head unit that is high quality?

    Hey everybody, I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong section. Can anyone advise me on a dash kit for a double din head unit that isn't a POS? I bought one from some local car stereo shop when I bought my AVIC-X920BT and I'm very disappointed in it. It's cheap, plasticky, and...
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    LOVIN Coupes knob and shaft!!!

    I just got my Coupe knob and I'm super psyched too! Will likely have a shortened lever and short shifter soon! :)