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  • a lot of us are wondering about those sway bars. whats the update on that ? your profile shows that you signed on 39 minutes ago so i know you are reading everyones comments.
    I’m on the list. Can you email me. I check that a lot more then this forum. S134jon@yahoo.com
    I can send you my information on there
    Do you have these sway bars on your truck ? Is the rear sway bar adjustable ?
    Michael dunaway (slowcomax)
    7908 Cavanaugh way
    Powell Tn

    My payment will be on the 30th as I get paid once a month unless your Excepting partial payments. I didn’t account for shipping so I won’t have the entire payment till the 30th payday
    I'm on the list for sway bars my address
    4921 trojan #1
    San diego ,ca 92115
    Did u get front qa1 coil over yet?
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    Got it. Thanks. Coilovers will be coming back out after this group buy is through and we have our drop coils back in stock.
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