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  • I'm wondering if you have a modified shifter available, 9.5" should suit my needs I'm guessing. I bought my 07 xr a few months ago and notice some extreme slop in the shifter. I'll also want a urd short shifter I can buy from you if you have one, or I'll order it from urd. I'm understanding the need for a core charge, even with the best intent, people forget or are unmotivated without it.
    Aloha I’m wondering if you still offer your modified shifter. It sounds like just the thing for me and I have a lot going on so I might be better off paying you to do this for me. Thanks ahead of time.
    I too am wondering if you still are selling shift knobs? I am very interested. Thanks!
    Hi I noticed that you once were selling XR Shift knobs.

    I'm sorry if you already answered this but do you have any shift knobs still available? If not, I appreciate your time.

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