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    WTB URD Supercharger airbox and charge pipe.

    I’m looking for anyone willing to part with a the air box and/or MAF/charge pipe from the URD Supercharger kit for the 4.0 Tacoma. More importantly the air box. I upgraded my Procharger intercooler to Gagets larger 3” cooler and just trying to add some of his other better design elements to my...
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    High clearance inner fenders

    JD Fab has developed direct replacement high clearance inner fenders for long travel offroad guys to stuff large tires. I thought these might apply to the guys that are bagged and in need of a tubbed inner. There’s a group buy going on if you’re interested in checking them out…...
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    2005 xrunner supercharged built motor

    Dang! I didn’t realize you were selling. If I had somewhere covered to keep it I’d consider.
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    WTB polyurethane mount

    Tim at DMZ Fab makes engine/trans mount kits that fit very nice. 2 of the 3 mounts I’ve installed have been from him. Can’t say enough nice things about Tim. My intended purpose for mounting was for a friendly relationship between coil bucket gussets and URD long tube headers. The rubber...
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    Godzilla Awakens!

    Hi @Gadget, is this still a possibility for the Tacoma?
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    Godzilla Awakens!

    I’ve been pining over this supercharger for a while now. I still have some hope I’m clinging on to.
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    Any options for master brake cylinder swap? @Doublld is pretty close.