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The X, Snowboarding, Baseball
Jun 10, 1985 (Age: 39)
Georgetown, Ontario
Your X-Runner / Truck / Car
2006, Rarely Red
Current Mods
TRD CAI w/Coupe cover | NST CR/WP/ALT | NST Manifold spacer | Street Star Rad hoses | URD SS w/Coupe 8.5" shifter | XII Performance Drop | QA1 | XII performance sways | URD trac bar | Gen2 DTLT | URD MAF Cal w/PNP harness | Redline Elite | BHLM | Cravenspeed Stubby | 6000k HID | Pioneer AVHP4200| 2 JBL 10's | Custom fiberglass box | Speedsturr Tonneau | VIS Carbon fiber hood | HVM CF rad/fuse box cover | HVM CF XR emblem|Weathertech Digifit | Tint 5%+20%| TXS Knocklite | Prosport EVO oil pressure| Innovate Wideband | Scangauge2 | TRD Oil+ Rad Cap(+10 HP)
Do ya like milk?
Is your X-Runner boosted (turbo or supercharged)?


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