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    New 2012 BR Owner!

    Barcelona Red
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    sold xrunner parts left over

    Finally let the X go? What did you get?
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    Happy Birthday XRU!

    I have been wanting to get back in the game for the third time, just hasn't worked out that way. I will always love the x-runner. I don't really post but still check in, life has just consumed my spare time
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    Phoenix/Tucson AZ Chat thread

    Finally getting wrapped up with the house move, wouldn't meeting up with folks to catch and get my XRU withdrawal fullfilled
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    Update. New car. Miss XRU

    Looks nice, could have some serious fun with that!
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    Phoenix/Tucson AZ Chat thread

    I am going to have to catch up with you guys one of these days, been busy with work and even busier with the house search, hoping to close on something by January!
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    Base wheels djm drop

    I like the Xrunner wheels on the basis tacoma.
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    UPDATE: Bagged BMW 3-Series w/ Vossen

    I'd say that's some serious progress! As always, looking good!
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    Saleen, XXR, SSR wheel swap ;)

    Kind of like the Saleen wheels the best.
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    New Canadian 2014 BSP Owner!

    Welcome to XRU!
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    New member from Oklahoma

    Welcome to XRU. Plenty of x's are used for work on here
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    New member from Alabama

    Welcome to XRU! Lots of info on how to empty your bank account here!
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    Newbie/Probie from Hawaii

    Welcome to XRU!
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    Not Gonna Lie...I WANT THIS!

    Hate mini vans but ^ is kind of awesome!
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    X-Fest 2015 Picture thread

    :adore: :rockon: