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my close friend bought this truck with 400 miles on it. Her and I drove the sh#% out of it for years. Before she sold it to me she was living about 1/2 mile up a dirt road. The body kit was trashed missing and zip tied on so I removed all of it the front suspension and steering was in the same shape so I rebuilt it all. Amazingly at 119000 miles the clutch was still grabbing but it wouldn’t hold when I romped on the gas so I upgraded the clutch, flywheel and installed the quill repair kit now I need to replace my already new tires because they signed the road too much. I’m looking to heavily modify this truck and love the information available on this sight.
Lahaina Hawai’i
Your X-Runner / Truck / Car
2005 black sand pearl
Current Mods
Urd quill repair sleave urd 41 lb flywheel urdshort throw shifter lcengeneering dual comp clutch kit
Server, carpenter, fabricator
Is your X-Runner boosted (turbo or supercharged)?


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