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  • i dont think i set u the info for the sub and how i wanted my apolstrey. i am putting in a Image Dynamics idq 10v3. i want grey vynol, and black suede with red stitching.
    hey man was up, i was looking at your box's and i think im ready to buy one. Here is the info for you- ill be running a 10"W6v2, and ill get the two tone box, and i was wondering on how much it will be to ship to hawaii? thanks for the help
    hye man i built a box for my truck. it is 3.61 cubic feet, ported tuned at 32 hertz, built and designed for a jl w7, and has a amp mounting spot for a jl 1000/1, i was wondering if u think it would be easy to sel on this site. it is all fiberglass and ready for paint. ill send u the link so u can see what it looks like. hit me up if u are interested in seeing it
    hey how r u?? hope everything is good .... i was just wondering can u give me an avrg on how many days or months the box is going to be ready... not rushing or anything just need to know around when because i need to go on a business trip soon..... THanks Hit me up

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