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  • Ahhh, I was typing you a message and got side tracked. Not sure what happened to my msg. Forgive me if this is a repeat.
    I manged to figure out that I only have 10 posts thus can't advertise my 09XR for sale here. Can you recommend how to connect to XR enthusiasts who might be interested. I want someone who knows the breed to have this as I've done about every mod available. Regards. -Brock
    How you doing? I just joined up, but my father in-law was a member for a long time. He unfortunately passed and so he left his almost mint x runner for sale behind. And now my mother inlaw is asking me to help her sell it. Is their a way to post it on here or somewhere that I can make sure it goes to someone who knows what they are and with 43miles on it will take good care of it.?
    Hi! I was wondering if you know if Toyota’s factory Ecu displays fuel pressure through the obd2 port?
    Hey. So I'm doing a T56 swap and planning to use the URD Stage 3 Clutch. Do you know what is have to do to make this work?
    That'd be it, as long as you received the entire kit from URD.
    How you like the STS Turbo so far? I am thinking of getting the kits for my xrunner.
    Going to have to take some more. Don't know if I can salvage any off of my other hard drive. Will be some vids up soon though
    So when we gonna get to see a few more pics of your ride bro! Ive heard good things and I still want to see that killer glass! :rock:
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