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x-runner kid

Oct 16, 1986 (Age: 37)
Lebanon, OR
Your X-Runner / Truck / Car
2006 radiant red
Current Mods
Spec-u headers and full exhaust, nst lightweight pulley set, URD MAF calibrator, lotek gauge pod with oil pressure and innovate a/f gauge, tinted tails, BHLM, black emblems, urd s/s with a custom chopped solid shifter and one off shift knob, clarion 7" motorized touchscreen with ipod connect, 12" jackhammer in a slot port box, black powder coated rims, trd seat covers, FLM, SCM, custom solid shifter, single din w/custom sgII mount, custom hydro dipped interior,
Concrete pump operator


searcy1321 - lol yeah stuck it on the windshield well we will know if he gets on here
(who was the ***&er that put the sticker on my windshield it to me 30 min to get it off)




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