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    Hesitation and Surging

    Mine seems to have disappeared. I changed the air filter, oil and the spark plugs and it is behaving now. Not sure if it was a vacuum hose or plugs but whatever...I'm glad it is gone.
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    Hesitation and Surging

    I know this is digging up the dead, but did you ever find a fix for this? My truck is still doing it and it is so annoying!
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    Hesitation and Surging

    Mine has done this since day one. This is the single most annoying issue about the truck at this point. It is an RPM for me, right around 1500, but is most noticable in 1st or 2nd gear. Putting throught the neighborhood is so aggravating.
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    Oem nav w entune installed

    Any update on this unit? Do you still like it now that you have had it a while? All the ones I've found on ebay and craigslist don't have the nav and they want as much or more for a used one that FL Trucks does for a new one.
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    show of your shift knobs!

    New shift knob is actually a drilled/tapped/painted 5 ball I had in my Miata years ago.
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    My runner after a year

    I think this drop is about perfect. Any lower and I'd be afraid of ripping the body kit off! I'm pretty sure it was your truck that convinced me to get a Nautical Blue X.
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    A couple more pics for you guys

    Diggin the look!
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    Merry Christmas 2014

    I guess Santa couldn't fit a supercharger in a stocking so he just skipped my house.
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    Oem nav w entune installed

    I've been searching for one of these on Craigslist but they don't pop up often.
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    new guy here

    Welcome aboard.
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    URD End of Year SALE!!!

    Hoping I win the lottery in the next few days!
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    Write-Up: Disabling Seatbelt Buzzer

    Just wanted to add that pulling that spring out of the seatbelt did the trick. I only did the drivers side.
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    Write-Up: Disabling Seatbelt Buzzer

    I tried unsuccessfully to disable it with a bluetooth dongle and software. Since I had the seats out to install the heaters I figured I'd give the spring a shot.
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    Write-Up: Disabling Seatbelt Buzzer Giving this a shot. I hope it works!
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    Got A New Car

    I'd like to get mine out again but even if I could find a good spot to run them, the nearest Hobby Shop is about two hours away! If it wasn't for Amazon Prime, I'd lose my mind here.