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    URD MKIII Stage 3 Supercharger

    Comes with: Rotrex C38-81 HKS BOV 70mm pulley also have the 80mm all piping UCON upgraded 80lb injectors 7th injector exhaust cam gears 170* thermostat oil cooler spark plugs Only thing you will need is the fuel pump upgrade kit from URD $4800 obo ready to ship! Also have...
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    I have an Audi S4 and my Tacoma, both been through the same hail storms and the Audi has not a single dent but the Tacoma has some pretty bad damage, anyone else have similar experience?
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    4l80e swap

    Looking for more information and if anyone has done a 4l80e swap. My 6 speed is getting worse and worse and I'm 4wd so a t56 isn't very likely. I know there are adapter plates but what about electronics etc?
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    New Guy, been on here for a year or so just been reading and buying stuff. Have a 2nd gen Tacoma URD stage 3 supercharged and long travel.