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    XII Performance Drop being installed finally

    So I've been waiting for the weather to shape up a bit before digging into this with a buddy of mine, I'm very much a novice at anything other than cleaning a car sadly, so help was needed. Anyhow the kit I ordered was the Composite Leaf springs, QA1 shocks, rear bump stops, and the front...
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    New head unit.

    Got the double din put in today, huge thanks to revobreaker(Lee) for not only selling me it but also helping me(I actually watched and asked a million questions) install it. First real interior mod to the truck and it's got a really killer setup. Can finally stream pandora since my aux port...
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    Import vs. Domestic

    Anyone going to be there this weekend? Going with everyone from work with my X just thought I'd see if I might catch any of you there. Drag racing, drinking, and a bikini contest. Really can't think of a better way to spend my weekend.
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    Bank 2 sensor 1

    So after putting my headers on a few weeks back, got the code to replace this o2 sensor and have been putting it off and trying not to drive my truck but miss the poor x now. Anyhow I know G is still waiting to get the front o2 sensors for 09 tacomas and I'm trying to get this ordered and over...
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    Finally got them on.

    So this weekend I got together with a friend to finally put these DTLT headers on the x( I'm pretty new to modding so had to wait for help haha) and wow. Low rpms didn't notice really any loss in power from the butt dyno and has a nice almost subaru sti rumble, then after 2k rpm turns into a...