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  1. Clewis333

    Engine swap meet at my house!

    hey guys, as some of you know already. i blew up my motor at VIR about 2 months ago. Gadget was nice enough to help me get a motor. and now i need to take off the turbo kit. rip out the blown motor and put in the new motor. anyone in the hampton roads area is invited to help me out with this...
  2. Clewis333

    XRunners on Norfolk Naval Base

    I keep on seeing other X Runners on Norfolk Naval Base. Just wondering if any of them are on XRU. Some one in a BSP with nice rims. bone stock SWB. and a couple others. i'm the RR Xrunner with Toyota Devil horn insignia and red angel eyes/Blue devil eyes. get in touch! we need to get a meet...
  3. Clewis333

    DTLT Headers and URD Y-Pipe and Catback Install

    Did this back in December. I don't ever want to do anything like this again. i have never had a project go wrong at so many points. Just saying that there should be a warning about this when you try to buy exhaust parts. so the first part is out with the old. pretty easy right? wrong.... oh...
  4. Clewis333

    My Nasty November

    So this is what has been going on... first of all, I started to get this racket coming from my supercharger. i don't know what caused it. i didn't know what to do about it. it came randomly and left the same way. started one day. stayed around for a couple weeks and then went away. keep in mind...
  5. Clewis333

    I'm back, I hope...

    Hey Guys, It's been awhile since i've been on here, but i fully plan to get back into the community. i've seen quite a few of X's around norfolk and if you see a RR xr with devil horn emblem and a tonneau cover feel free to talk. Since i last posted i've been busy with Navy sh!t but hopefully...
  6. Clewis333

    SWB in Norfolk area

    Hey, seeing if the swb i saw going on to hampton blvd was already on here. i didn't get a long look but it seemed modded a little. :motz:
  7. Clewis333

    Norfolk VA

    Hey guys. just an update. i got orders to the USS Eisenhower, so i'll be living in Norfolk VA. Kinda sucks that i didn't get west coast. but i'm lookin forward to being around some new folks. lemme know if you're in the area. -Lewis:rockon:
  8. Clewis333


    I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to install a 50/50 recirculation BOV in the same place as our BPV is right now? is that even possible or am i just stupid? :top: Thanks -Lewis
  9. Clewis333

    MAF Cal Ummm i'm confused now... ^^^^ do i have MAF Cal if i bought an MKI S/C cuz if that's what the PCU is then how do you tune that b!tch? Thanks for clearing this up -Lewis
  10. Clewis333

    B&M Shifter

    Well finally got around to installing the B&M shifter i got from Donny. and i hit a few bumps along the way, (getting the shifter and URD SS Spacer off the transmission, ended up using a big ole log i found in my yard and hit the sh*T out of it with a tire iron :biggrin:) but thank you Coupe for...
  11. Clewis333

    Had some extra time

    Had some extra time and i Clay bar'd my x. and then i used some Nu Finish wax and i love the results... feels and looks so nice. i will let you know that i tried to use one of those random orbital buffers, and it just didn't work, did it all by hand. Oh and a random Dynolicious result...
  12. Clewis333

    Pillar gauge pod

    I need to get a gauge mount for some new gauges and i was looking around having a hard time finding them. i found one on a ghetto website wasn't sure about it, but does anyone have a good place?
  13. Clewis333

    Best Battery?

    Hey guys, i just got new headlights and a sound system and i think that my stocker battery is finally caput... so i was researching batteries and it seems like the best battery is the Optima yellow top. Anyone anti yellow top or have a better battery solution/cheaper thanks!:top: -Lewis
  14. Clewis333

    Sea Foam Finished!

    So i finally got to Advanced Auto Parts and got me some Sea foam :rockon: I pulled out the Vacuum line, started it up. poured (not too fast) seafoam in there, and then when the engine started knocking. i turned it off. waited like 2 hours. started her up and this video was the result. (love the...
  15. Clewis333

    Signature Please

    I think Steve is reigning signature champ so i figured it was about time to get a signature. Here are the pictures, and i just want "Lewis" on it. Thanks!
  16. Clewis333


    :canada: Very happy to finally finish my sound system. I have a Kicker 600 watt RMS with a JL500 and the bass is overpowering the rest of the system. i have a pioneer HU i was wondering if anyone could explain to me how to tune it?? aaanyways. thanks JStrada and here's some more pics just having...
  17. Clewis333

    SWB in Cali

    I was visiting California Central Coast with my friend from that area and i saw this SWB. Red still looks better :blurock:
  18. Clewis333

    LS projector kit

    Ok guys, i'm desperate now. :thumbdown: A couple days back i started to install my LS projector kit. and i was trying to fasten the projector to the stock headlight mount. (reflector bowl) and the lock ring that fastens the projector onto the headlight housing just snapped in half. I tried to...
  19. Clewis333


    I took my truck in for that stupid recall (back when i didn't know to stay away from to dealership :doh:) and the put the smaller accelerator and reflashed my ECU. What i want to know is if there is anyways to reflash to either the older ECU or a better one? I took it to the stealership and they...
  20. Clewis333


    Anyone seafoam? is it safe to seafoam with a S/C? Thanks! -Lewis