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    Door fitments

    I am currently in the look for a new door atm and I stumbled upon a regular cab door. From my understanding it won't fit our extended cab. He messaged me back saying it fits all. I am skeptical but I need to know for sure. Thanks guys.
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    stripped down the body kit. part off!

    Well I decided to strip the body kit off. I have no regrets. I will post comprehensive pics of all the holes for future references. I am thinking about leaving it look like a base model for a while. I have future plans for the exterior in the next few months. I was thinking about putting...
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    Any pics of stripped down XRUNNER???

    After two crashes(pictured here is the first) I have come to a conclusion that my Lindsay Lohan is trying to kill me. I am really thinking about ditching the body kit. Stripping it down and having it looking STDish. I was wondering if anybody has pictures of all the holes I would have showing if...