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    OEM antenna mast

    Not a fan of stubbies. Anyone have an OEM one they'd like to get rid of? Thanks.
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    2012 backup wire location and OEM camera wiring

    2012 X-Runner with stock non JBL head unit and OEM backup camera. Installing a Pioneer AVH-X4800BS so I can get the backup camera image on the head unit. 1. After searching several forums, I've concluded that the source for tapping into the backup camera trigger wire varies from year to year...
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    For Sale: Xii Street Performance lowering kit

    These came with the truck I recently bought, but I prefer stock height, so replaced these with stock components. I have no idea how long they've been on the truck, but they are in perfect functional shape, and since these are not wear items, they should be just like new. The new kit retails...
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    Going back to stock

    Hi. Recently got a '12 X-Runner, but it has a lowing kit on it and I'd prefer stock height and ride (I'm tall and haul dirt bikes). Googling is rather confusing trying to find part numbers for the X-Runner. Anyone on here know what they are? I'm looking for front Bilstein struts and rear...
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    TRD lug nut tool

    Just bought a '12 X and it came with TRD wheels. Problem I have is the lug nuts are the 6 spline type, but no adapter came with the truck to fit the stock lug wrench. Can anyone tell me what size/type of socket I need for this? Google search is confusing. Thanks.
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    Wanted: OEM X-Runner shift knob

    Old guy here, who prefers stock. Bought an X recently, and don't care for the fancy carbon-fiber look knob that came with it. If someone has a stocker in good shape and would like to get rid of it, please drop me a reply, preferably with pics and a price. Thanks.
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    Help! My truck is "fluttering"!

    On my way back from work yesterday, I noticed a "fluttering" noise coming from under the truck. Not a squeak, or rattle, but more like a plastic grocery bag wrapped around my driveshaft. At first, that's what I thought it was, but the sound persisted all the way home, and started to get...