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  1. Slywhitty

    4x4 Oil Pan Conversion

    ADMIN EDIT: I've pulled all the comments related to the 4x4 oil pan conversion out of the Oil Pan Spacer Thread and saved them here so the conversation can continue without muddying the waters of that thread. ~NHXRUNNER 4x4 oil pan FTW!
  2. Slywhitty

    Drag slicks!

    After a disappointing time at the drag strip where I was just spinning and got terrible times it is now time for some slicks. Just wondering what sizes everyone runs. What's the closet to stock tire diameter. I may buy some to fit on my spare oem wheels but will most likely end with some smaller...
  3. Slywhitty

    Twin turbo LS Tacoma??!??!!!!!

    Has anyone seen this b4? My buddy sent me this today he seen it on Facebook. No other details besides the video
  4. Slywhitty

    WHAT THE F? Lol

    So I don't know how this happened but I'm sure someone can tell me (asked hottaco and he has no clue lol) any ways on my phone doing my usual thing and I hit new posts. May have hit it twice but anyways [/IMG] I know you have to wait 10 seconds between searches why in the hell is making me...
  5. Slywhitty

    Ontario drive clean testing changes!! Just heard about the new testing the came into place on Jan 1. Still looking for more details about it but am wondering. If we have an o2 sim on now will we pass emissions cause the Ecu the is everything is functioning...
  6. Slywhitty

    Belt routing diagram??

    My mom just blew the belt on her 06 dub cab 4.0. She can't find her owners manual and the search on here is shit on my phone. Can anyone post a link to the diagram for me. She's three hours away from me and my stepdad is gonna change the belt for her but he doesn't how to route it. Help please!! Lol
  7. Slywhitty

    Dtlts cracked!!!! :(

    Well well well. Im kinda pissed. A few of us Canucks are having a mod day tomorrow and I was gonna swap out the crush gaskets between my header to y pipe connection because i have a nasty leak there. Well went to soak the bolts with penetrating fluid tonight to make tomorrows job easier and...
  8. Slywhitty

    Blown cat?

    So yesterday my truck started making this horrid rattling noise on my way to work. Once I finished my job I started it up and it still did it. Crawled under and it sounded like it was coming from the cat. Hit it with a piece of wood and could hear pieces rattling in there so I know it's pooched...
  9. Slywhitty

    Swb in Burlington ontario

    Swb on harvester rd in Burlington. Pulled next to him at the stop lights and chatted for minute b4 the light went green. He said he's been on here b4 but doesn't have an account. Told him to sign up and get his ass out to some meets. Hopefully he does!!
  10. Slywhitty

    Towing the X?

    Gonna be hauling my truck about 3 hours from home to do my motor swap. Was planning on using a trailer bit may have to use a car dolly now. Need to know if I need to disconnect the driveshaft or not b4 towing. I've heard different people say different things about but I want to be sure. I don't...
  11. Slywhitty


    Just incase the world floods this guy is gonna be ready!! A friend seen this today and sent me the pic bahahahhahaha [/IMG]
  12. Slywhitty

    How much is an auto trans worth?

    As some of you know I bought a new motor fr my truck and I got the transmission with it. Well I have someone who wants to buy it but I have no idea what I should ask for it. It's an auto trans out of a 08 prerunner with only 4000 miles on it. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  13. Slywhitty

    Swapping my motor soon!!! Need some advice!!??

    Well. As the title states I'll be swapping my motors soon! Been way too long! So. Any advice or info that you all could share would be greatly appreciated. Just starting a list to make sure I'll have everything I need come swap day. Already know I'll need all the fluids for everything. And I'll...
  14. Slywhitty

    Looking for oem oil cooler sandwich plate.

    As the title states I'm looking for just the sandwich plate from the oem toyota oil cooler. Asked a few people and they say I have to buy the whole oil cooler assembly which I think is bs. So if anyone has one or knows where to get one it would be greatly appreciated. Again only the sandwich...
  15. Slywhitty

    I may have found a motor!!!!!

    Well as the title says I've found a motor havent seen it in person but am goin to look at it asap but it's from a 2006 4runner. Is that the same as ours. I have no computer right now and don't feel like searching with my phone to find out. I hope it's the same cus the price is good and it has...
  16. Slywhitty

    Well what do I say :(

    I guess its time to come clean. Ive joined the blown motor club :( Im not 100% what is wrong as i havent even looked at my truck in over a week.(its parked in the underground parking at my apartment complex.) Im 99% sure its done though. Ive been talking to Grumpy (thanks for the info man!!) and...
  17. Slywhitty

    Curse of the BSP strikes twice in 1 week :(

    So. Not my truck but my moms but I was involved in both. So my mom has a 06 bsp dubcab. Wel anyways last week I had to move and she decided to help me with her truck. Well it was windy day and she has a folding tonneau cover. Well the wind caught it and it smashed both sides of the rear window...
  18. Slywhitty

    Am i ever glad i didnt get hooked on WOW!!!

    watch this kid!!! I dun even know what to say.
  19. Slywhitty

    Woodland spider!!!!!!!!!!

    Heres a short Canadian documentary on the woodland spider!!! Check it out!!!!
  20. Slywhitty


    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I said WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:canada: Team Canada moment sorry!!!!! hahahaaha