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    Bye bye my sweet X

    Hey everyone, I've only been around for a short while so I haven't had a chance to meet hardly any of you. Unfortunately, something horrible happened last weekend that may end my X-Runner career :( I had an '07 Red X-Runner with a TRD Supercharger, what a great truck! Fast as an E39M5, and...
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    Dash kit for double DIN head unit that is high quality?

    Hey everybody, I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong section. Can anyone advise me on a dash kit for a double din head unit that isn't a POS? I bought one from some local car stereo shop when I bought my AVIC-X920BT and I'm very disappointed in it. It's cheap, plasticky, and...
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    "What's happening" from Houston

    Hey everyone! I picked up a Red 2007 XR about 4-5 months ago on eBay. It had about 17,500 miles on it, a TRD Supercharger and it has a 100,000 mile Toyota CPO Warranty on it. I paid $18.5.k for it, and I'm pretty happy with it! Lots of fun! Just wanted to say "What's up!" to everyone and...