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  1. Slywhitty

    Things may look a little different for a while

    He’s selling the wheels!
  2. Slywhitty

    TRD BBK change/ Replacement

    Also I know people have used zeckhausen. I’ve never used them personally. But haven’t heard anything bad about them.
  3. Slywhitty

    TRD BBK change/ Replacement

    Sounds about right. But they can be had for cheaper. I got my replacements from tundraracing I paid roughly 1300 as well but that was in canadian. Can’t remeber what the total was in American. Give them a shout and see what they can do for you.
  4. Slywhitty

    Billet Coilover Mount

    Also. I want red lol
  5. Slywhitty

    Billet Coilover Mount

    I think a group buy should be in order for when these are ready to go! I’m down for sure!
  6. Slywhitty

    Not new but looking to come back

    Back again eh? Lol
  7. Slywhitty

    We could use your help

    Done and done! Let’s keep XRU alive!!
  8. Slywhitty

    Replacement synchronizers?

    Wanna come for a road trip to canada? I have an auto trans and wiring harness from the engine I bought to replace mine. Trans has been in my basement for 8 years I’ll make ya a good deal. Lol
  9. Slywhitty


    Please do I’m looking to get some replacements. So I may go that route if I can
  10. Slywhitty

    Broken Transmission Quill

    That’s greasy. On a 2014 to boot. Fuck man. I’m going t56 once I get shipping and all the other bullshit figured out. I’d offer you my bellhousing. But I’m willing to bet mines totally fucked if it isn’t snapped off also lol
  11. Slywhitty

    Everyone please comment!!

    Hamilton eh?? Burlington here!!
  12. Slywhitty

    Big Brake pedal feel Help!!!

    There is no “factory” bbk. Hence my comment.anyways. Carry on. Enjoy your soft pedal.
  13. Slywhitty

    Big Brake pedal feel Help!!!

    Brake upgrade. Not big brake kit.......
  14. Slywhitty

    WTB: X-Brace

    I texted him. He’s local to me. Lets see if he answers!
  15. Slywhitty

    BBK with Rear Disc Conversion

    Y waste your money? On something that only looks cool but does fuck all?
  16. Slywhitty

    2009 SWB for sale LA (state)

    May want to add some pictures. And possibly more info(mods etc)
  17. Slywhitty

    Custom Front Plate Mount

    Does that mean your lazy ass is gonna make your own? Lol
  18. Slywhitty

    10 year project X, This Has been Along Time Coming!

    Spill the beans already would ya!!
  19. Slywhitty

    Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger $1500

    Tempting..... if only my trans wasn’t fucked and I was saving for a t56 lol. I don’t think the gf would approve of more boost b4 the trans gets fixed haha
  20. Slywhitty

    I'm Back Snitches!!! Well kind of...

    There’s a mint swb on Facebook for sale