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  1. hrspwr236

    hrspwr236 got some new wheels........

    Yet again, I have purchased another set of wheels, the Christmas present for my wife..... MB Turbo 18x7.5 ET45 And my son got a new Truck for Christmas A FAMILY THAT MODS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER :blurock:
  2. hrspwr236

    Merry Christmas 2014

  3. hrspwr236

    SWB - Tucson AZ SWB Home Depot

    Spotted and carded an SWB at Broadway and Pantano at the Home Depot.
  4. hrspwr236

    August 24th/Tucson/xr-underground & Tacoma World Meet

    WHEN: Sunday August 24th WHERE: Tiny's Saloon and Steakhouse 4900 W Ajo Hwy, Tucson, AZ This meet will be in conjunction with Tacoma World :blurock: Sign up 1. hrspwr236 +2 2. giox 3. madtrucker 4. T4C0CH40S 5. Clifford - Maybe 6. Prise - 90% 7. JeepAndrew 8. GoldenGeek 9. JTS2014TACO 10...
  5. hrspwr236

    Pink Taco

  6. hrspwr236

    Tucson RR spotted on Broadway and Pantano

    RR heading west on Broadway
  7. hrspwr236

    BSP in Tucson at Discount Tire on Golf Links

    cardid a BSP at a discount tire on Golf Links had a Urd sticker on the back window with a hard roll up cover
  8. hrspwr236

    2012 BSP X-Runner FS in Tucson

    2012 Black X-Runner FS in Tucson [/URL][/IMG] For sale at Desert Toyota, it was Jeagermeister truck, talk about pricey
  9. hrspwr236

    May 18th Tucson Meet and Greet.

    Looks like we have a few more members popped up recently and thinks it's about time to get together again. I propose Sunday May 18th. Open for suggestions on where. Post it up 1. hrspwr236 2.
  10. hrspwr236

    Guess what is in the box........

    Final pictures will be posted posted after intallation.
  11. hrspwr236

    Toyota issues multiple recalls for 6.4 million vehicles

    Tacoma was listed on this one.
  12. hrspwr236

    hrspwr236 - New Look

    Thought I would get a couple pics of the X with the new wheels, I must say the chrome is starting to grow on me, was very skeptical considering I have always done black wheels in the end I could always plasti dip, please post up the likes and dislikes.
  13. hrspwr236

    (AZ) FS - 19" Tenzo Type M version 1

    19x8.5 Flat Black Tenzo wheels, bolt pattern is 5x114.3 and 5x 100 with a 45 mm offset and 73.1 mm center bore. These wheels are in great condition with no scratches or curb rashes and are approximately 2 years old. I am asking 600 plus shipping or will be more than happy for local pickup...
  14. hrspwr236

    Tucson - BSP Kolb and Broadway

    Spotted a BSP auto glass repair, told him about the site!
  15. hrspwr236

    HDR vs regular photography

    Took some picture of one of my works finished projects Kino Sports Complex - MLS Soccer Field HDR Full auto - point and shoot This is a great comparison between typical photography and HDR imagery!
  16. hrspwr236

    Tucson - Orange and Black two tone

    As the title says, say an amazing looking two tone Orange and Black X with a female driver. Shouted out the website on the role and hope she finds the site and is able to make it out to our meet next weekend. I can't say enough how great this X looked :adore: and I'll kick myself later for not...
  17. hrspwr236

    Your vehicle as it sits now........

    Post up pictures of your X-Runner, Tacoma or DD just as they sit, dirty or clean, getting some work done or just to post up a new mod or trying to burn some time. Let see how they sit from day to day. Sitting at work in the parking lot.
  18. hrspwr236

    Tucson March 1st 2014 Cruise

    Its time for a overdue Phoenix/Tucson meet! Where: Mt Lemmon cruise When: March 1st 2014 let's say 12:00 for now Post up if you are going to attend and how many guest will be coming. 1. hrspwr236 +1.5 guest