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  1. Lynxshd

    Things may look a little different for a while

    wow, I am sorry for your loss. and those wheels look nice. how was the performance of the truck with 22's on the back. did it affect the speedo and how peppy that truck was?
  2. Lynxshd

    Coilover group buy

    That makes sense, thanks for the confirmation. if the truck has been lowered is 550 stiff enough to allow for the reduced travel?
  3. Lynxshd

    Coilover group buy

    Sorry to ask this I hope it is not insulting, If I am thinking of changing out my qa1's on my truck with the XII mounts, is there a good reason to change the mounts not just swap the coilovers to the Viking shocks? and how much stiffer is the 650 than the stock spring? Thanks Caleb
  4. Lynxshd

    what are the current gas prices in your area?

    Sacramento CA i use 95 probably don't need to. 5.499/gal
  5. Lynxshd

    Things may look a little different for a while

    I wanted to say Thank you to all the site mods, this forum has been a fantastic place that I have been visiting and getting guidance from since I found it in 2013.
  6. Lynxshd

    what are the current gas prices in your area?

    my last tank cost me $95.50
  7. Lynxshd

    Bump Steer Kit Ideas...

    Did anything happen with this thread. Thanks
  8. Lynxshd

    New Seats

    you would have to change the rails over, as they have a different foot print side to side
  9. Lynxshd

    Oops....I broke something

    I had this same issue. After fixing it with some tiny screws, I found this part you can 3d print. There are companies that will print stuff for you also.
  10. Lynxshd

    bang when stopping??

    Did you ever get this resolved. My truck does the same thing and has since new.
  11. Lynxshd

    Truck parts for Sale, priced to move

    Dude I live in Sacramento. Do you have pics of the OEM rear trim piece, the one for the back wall? the one on this thread isn't loading.
  12. Lynxshd

    Write-Up: Flywheel and Clutch install

    How do you know when all the air is out? and when you say the bleed screw are you referring to the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder? thanks Gadget.
  13. Lynxshd

    Some Stuff for sale

    this is a long shot because of how old this thread is but, do you still have the airlift ride control kit?
  14. Lynxshd

    Wtb xrunner in california

    I am thinking about selling my 05 xrunner, no idea what to ask for it, as it is my baby. Just like everyone else on here. FYI I live in Sacramento, is that close enough? it has the XII performance 2-inch drop with qa1's all the way around. A Kenwood 7" touchscreen, URD short shifter, and a URD...
  15. Lynxshd

    Trd seat covers

    Do you still have these for sale
  16. Lynxshd


    Can you send me pics of the seat covers please or post some. thanks
  17. Lynxshd

    URD TCAI Trade for stock intake+sale

    i got so excited when I saw someone selling it I didn't even read the date :D
  18. Lynxshd

    swB rt 287 south NJ

    Blue with Big chrome rims maybe 22" south bound Hazel at windding way.
  19. Lynxshd

    FS/FT: URD Tcai with splash/heat shield

    did you sell your TCAI?
  20. Lynxshd

    URD TCAI Trade for stock intake+sale

    I am assuming that you don't need a stock one anymore. PM me if you still have the TCAI. thanks C.