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  1. Nighthawk2207

    snow tire ?'s

    well to be honest i dont know what kind of tires to buy i want something alittle more aggresive than what ive seen i think our trucks could look good with an aggresive tread also on the stock rims i dont know i guess ill wait on someone who wants there truck to look good in the winter also there...
  2. Nighthawk2207

    snow tire ?'s

    I seen two other threads on here about snow tires my question is does anyone have a picture of the tire the are running an a pic of your X with tires installed? Im wondering if an X would look good with a more aggressive tire not to knobby but some one mentioned a different tire size that would...
  3. Nighthawk2207

    Tonneau cover?

    oh ok thanks alot
  4. Nighthawk2207

    Staggered setup?

    An where is that? I cant find the page.....
  5. Nighthawk2207

    Tonneau cover?

    Is our bed none as the short bed or long bed? So our bed is 6ft 1 an 1/2inches long? that doesnt sound right....
  6. Nighthawk2207

    22's out back

    I disagree most go 18 in front an 20 in the rear with the rim size difference from what ive seen on numerous cars in shows. I think it might look pretty sweet but we will see......
  7. Nighthawk2207

    Tonneau cover?

    What size is our beds?(X-Runners) i searched in this forum an didnt find anything. Why is it so hard to find a roll top tonneau cover with no gay snaps like gsxrunner's...... ive seen a couple on here but they werent the topic of the conversation, either that or no details were given. ive been...
  8. Nighthawk2207

    Reg Cab Bsp

    wish i would have had my camera phone handy
  9. Nighthawk2207

    Reg Cab Bsp

    well how many guys on here live in virginia need them all chiming in on this one
  10. Nighthawk2207

    Reg Cab Bsp

    it has been awhile since i have been able to get on here but it was prob, a month ago but it was a bsp reg cab X with crome wheels an a virginia license plate with a centerd C2C sticker on the back window. I seen it in a walmart parking lot in eastgate,ohio or cincinnati ohio.
  11. Nighthawk2207

    DJM install

    as far as i know a press is needed for the ball joints in the lower control arms you have to press the old ones out of your stockers an into the new djm arms that come with the kit im sure somebody else knows more than me on this an has experianced it first hand.
  12. Nighthawk2207

    Finally retuned/dyno'd

    Nice numbers man, So all you did was a intake, header,exhaust an tune an you threw down 260 rwhp Im workin that way myself, what do you think you would run in the 1/4 mile with that?
  13. Nighthawk2207

    DJM Drop and New Wheels!

    any better pics like of the entire truck????? just a thought cant really tell if it looks good or not.......
  14. Nighthawk2207

    What a loser

    an where did that person learn to drive??? what a dumbass
  15. Nighthawk2207

    Foglight Film

    I didn't see this quote before is that light smoked or regular smoked?
  16. Nighthawk2207

    Foglight Film

    Well if i was lookin to do the headlight mod what if i just bought the smoked look or the stealth look an put it over both wonder if it would look the same....
  17. Nighthawk2207

    June 2007 : XtoplineX's 06 BSP

    just wondering thats all, an thanks for the info, did u do the install yourself, how long did it take?
  18. Nighthawk2207

    show of your shift knobs!

    this is it exactly its pretty awsome!:top:
  19. Nighthawk2207

    New Pics

    I'll c what i can come up with as far as scenic goes... It will still be a pretty plain X......:frown: but im working on it just slow its hard to mod a truck with a baby boy on the way!:rock:
  20. Nighthawk2207

    show of your shift knobs!

    Yeah its pretty sweet it matches great! thanks glen,:top: you du man.
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