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  1. Fiddich

    Looking for black 20"s

    do you like mine? I can get two sets of rears.
  2. Fiddich

    towing questions

    ship the car. out of Florida to Los Angeles you should be fine on prices. You going to spend 4 to 500 on gas pay 1000 and get it shipped.
  3. Fiddich

    used engine

    I found out today it was a black xrunner that was t boned. The truck had 60k miles on it. Getting it for 1500. also they have a guy that willing to install it for 800 so I', looking at 2500 for a used motor installed.. Do you guys think this is more than a gamble with these motors? I only got...
  4. Fiddich

    used engine

    There is 60k on the motor for sell. I live in Sacramento. it also has the oil cooler. which mine didn't have. He is also throwing every thing to return my truck to Stock. So there will be for sale stuff real soon.
  5. Fiddich

    used engine

    You think 1500 for a 1gr motor from a totalled truck and 800 to install it into mine with blown motor is a good price it is going to be 2420 to get the truck running again.
  6. Fiddich

    new motor

    The way it looks now it is going to be parked for a long long time. at least til next year.
  7. Fiddich

    new motor

    my pick up motor is shot 30 psi in one of the cyclinders and metal shavings in the oil.. I'm in the Sacramento Area so any ideas.
  8. Fiddich

    Repair shop in Sacramento.

    No I moved the coil pack an the spark plugs are brand new from URD 1h24 due to the high heat here in California and the long drive that is why I went with the colder plugs. The ones I pulled were 22's.. I am past my time and need to find a shop
  9. Fiddich

    Repair shop in Sacramento.

    Anyone know of a repairshop in Sacramento I was getting a p306 error so I replace the spark plugs and also moved the coil pack to cylinder two. was all good for three days an now I am getting p306 and p300 which the p300 is radom misfires..
  10. Fiddich

    TRD injectors

    Kevin has URD 61lb injectors, 5k miles on them , harness adapters included. $300 price drop.... $250 shipped!!!!!
  11. Fiddich

    Write-Up: Spark Plug Change

    Hottaco thanks for install manual the bolts on the intercooler got stripped. so they are going to need to get retapped that is why I am have it taken off. I throwing a p306 so when I do this I be moving the coil pack to someone easier to access.. I hoping it is the plug.. but you know how that goes.
  12. Fiddich

    Write-Up: Spark Plug Change

    Does anyone have a write up for a change with the Supercharger?
  13. Fiddich

    Fort natomas

    anyone live across the street from Fort natomas in Sacramento? has the pipe cut out before the wheels on both sides.. it is SWB
  14. Fiddich

    Trutrac lsd

    How much not shipped.. for a local pick up?
  15. Fiddich

    07 BSP for sale

    What did the offer 10k? that is what they told me with the Supercharger.
  16. Fiddich

    SD X'S new build.

    make sure to take pictures on the removal of the engine.. would have been nice to have ones of removal of the supercharger
  17. Fiddich

    SD X'S new build.

    wonder what yours will be like with the v8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_870810&feature=iv&src_vid=lKPGMDZCk2M&v=h54O-vA1Dpc
  18. Fiddich

    DJM Oil Pan

    want to sell it
  19. Fiddich

    iTunes ! What Gives?

    you could you use copytrans manager .. it a program that works more like explorer in windows Goto Download.com and search Copytrans Manager if you can't find it PM me with your email address and I email you the setup file
  20. Fiddich

    X-runner ( the whole truck)

    I enjoyed the airwork on the jetta.. I like to see what you do with the canvas of the X
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