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    NST is proud to offer SPEC Clutches for the 1GR!

    ...And the throwout bearing is worth about $25. Not that I'm concerned with 1GR stuff, but for $300 more than a CC stg 4, it had better wear lip stick and make me feel REALLY good when I want it.
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    bayfront Pensacola saturday night

    The skilledbum X-runner will be there and my S-Runner won't be. So many changes to plans. We'll try to be at the Publix at 815 but we may be a couple minutes late. About to walk out the door now to get the truck cleaned up. See you guys there.
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    Who works at Ft Walton Boeing?

    I know the SWB one that works at the Goldring Miller distribution place because I used to service their trucks. He's not on this site but I have his phone number.
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    bayfront Pensacola saturday night

    I'll beee there. ;) Call for good time. (I'm Asian [happy endings])
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    bayfront Pensacola saturday night

    I might bring out the S-Runner if I'm not balls deep in building a turbo manifold for it.
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    Rexrunner turbo videos!!!!

    That brings back memories... Good job man.
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    turbo in!!! now starts the count down!

    Haha let's do thissss. The S will never lose!
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    turbo in!!! now starts the count down!

    I have a Precision 6262 on the way for the S-Runner. We should run in a couple of months :)
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    turbo in!!! now starts the count down!

    No, I had the same compressor wheel but my turbine wheel was a stg V in a .82 T3 exhaust housing. Slightly smaller than yours. I had full boost right at 3000rpms (EDIT) My turbo was not ball bearing also.
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    turbo in!!! now starts the count down!

    Umm... Header design pre-turbo has very little effect on dictating what kind of total flow the engine will have. Turbine wheel choice and hot side a/r are the big factors in that. You can't compare a TRD supercharger dropping PSI with headers to a turbo setup of any sort. Don't forget, there is...
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    turbo in!!! now starts the count down!

    Toyota made it really easy to do water lines for the turbo as long as you don't live in a super cold climate... Its looking pretty good. Congrats
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    Traded S for an X!!!

    Welcome. I did it the other way around- X then S :)
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    Blown Head Gasket?

    What I saw was trace amounts of oil in the reservoir and a thin film of oil on the side walls from sloshing. Unless someone was trying to play a practical joke by pouring oil in there, the only logical place oil could crossover into the coolant system is the head gasket. The oil on the dipstick...
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    Installing Stage IV Clutch

    Took me 4 hours by myself with a jack and jack stands. Just be careful not to bend the clutch slave cylinder hard line. Everything else is straight forward.
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    Good luck to skilledbum23

    Lance is leaving for the desert this weekend. Good luck out there bro and stay safe. It's just 6 months, then you can come back and spend all the money on MODS!
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    Turbo kit for sale

    Will the kit ever get put on another truck...?
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    OFFICIAL Southeast MEET

    Are S-Runners invited? Count me in.
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    So here it is....I'm doing a huge upgrade

    If you have to ask what's better, go with a bolt on upgrade (supercharger). You'll get lost in custom fabricating and tuning and the project will never get done unless you have someone else do it for you. However, if you do have a huge budget, go with a properly sized single turbo. Twin turbos...
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    Fuel Injecters

    www.fiveomotorsport.com has injectors that'll fit as well.
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    PICs from crestview meet

    I wish I could've hung out longer. I had fun for the time I was there.
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