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  1. x-runner kid

    How to upgrade your diff

    I ended up blowing the side gear at the stripe a while back so I upgraded to a tru trac and 3.73 gears. I did shim it way too tight though
  2. x-runner kid

    What Did You Do To Your X-Runner TODAY?

    For your leaf spring packs it sounds like they came from Jesus 2jz X. He has a shop in Ontario California as well.
  3. x-runner kid

    (SOLD) Trutrac and master install kit

    This is the Detroit tru trac diff. Very worth the money and that master install kit is as well.
  4. x-runner kid

    Random Chatter

    Click where about a in the PNW are you?
  5. x-runner kid

    Urd track bar still wraps

    G brings up a great point. It may be that you need either a better shock or your current ones are blown or not working correctly anymore. I have qa1’s and it they are all the way soft there can be some slight hop but if I turn them up past 6ish then I get no hop at all.
  6. x-runner kid

    X-Runners as long term keeper?

    They changed out the diff after 07 if I recall. Think it was the year they went to the led tail lights. I have had mine since feb 24th 2006 I bought it brand new with 8 miles on it and it now has 13X,000 I will never sell it. It has become part of me and how most ppl know me.
  7. x-runner kid

    Urd track bar still wraps

    Something must be wrong if it’s hopping still I have the urd traction bar and have not had any issue with a slight preload in the bar.
  8. x-runner kid

    Rear diff??? And gears

    Well finally got everything back together yesterday. I am running a slightly larger than stock rear tire and the 3.73 is the perfect gearing for me. I do a lot of autoX and drag stuff. Mileage doesn’t matter either since my truck is just a weekend toy. Going to a 3.73 isn’t much of a difference...
  9. x-runner kid

    PSTOF '18 July 29th

    I got my truck fixed yesterday. Only issue now is it’s a 4-5hr drive from me and I have things I already agreed to do that evening.
  10. x-runner kid

    PSTOF '18 July 29th

    Sadly my truck is still broke so I won’t be able to make it.
  11. x-runner kid

    Rear diff??? And gears

    So just like you said I needed a different carrier. Too bad I didn’t know that before I already had all my parts but it’s ok I found a carrier for pretty cheap that will work so I’m happy. Will have the 3.73 gears and the tru-trac and basically everything in the rear brand new.
  12. x-runner kid

    Rear diff??? And gears

    No wager lol. I’m hoping my diff guy can get the new 3.73 gears to fit. If not I already have another plan of attack. I already have everything I need to rebuild the diff. Bearings seal and I don’t need crush washers because my diff guy is doing a crush washer elimination so it will be more...
  13. x-runner kid

    Rear diff??? And gears

    The stock 3.15 gear.
  14. x-runner kid

    Rear diff??? And gears

    I let my diff guy know what you said he doesn’t think it will an issue. He has done a lot of Toyota diffs and is very familiar with the 8.4. All the parts are brand new Yukon gear parts. 3.73 ring and pinion gears. Tru-trac diff.
  15. x-runner kid

    Rear diff??? And gears

    Damn well I guess I’ll find out cause I’m about to drop parts off at my diff builders shop. How is it that urd sells a diff with 4.10’s ? Or is it that they sell it as a whole 3rd member? I believe you don’t get me wrong you have done it I have not. So if my diff builder can’t make it work what...
  16. x-runner kid

    Official Sway Bar Group Buy

    I’m glad you said it before I did.
  17. x-runner kid

    Rear diff??? And gears

    Well the carrier only holds the pinion gear and the differential. The ring gear is attached to the differential itself which is mounted on both sides. I don’t see why the ring gear wouldn’t fit since they are both 8” ring gears and both have the same amount of gear notches on them. The pinion on...
  18. x-runner kid

    Rear diff??? And gears

    So a stock X 3rd member will not fit a 3.73 gear even with a different differential? Or when you say carrier are you referring to the diff itself?
  19. x-runner kid

    XII Performance officially closing the doors...sorta

    I am so glad I got my suspension parts when I did and Very sad to see you go. I do wish you both the best of luck. I’m sure you’ll both still be around but I totally understand needing to take a step back.
  20. x-runner kid

    Winter projects

    Where did you find the trd spoiler at?
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